Nothing Widgets App Update Adds New Widgets for Non-Beta Phone (1) Users

Recently, the Nothing Widgets app got an update that added support for the new widgets added with Nothing OS 2.5.1 Open Beta 1 for non-beta Phone (1) users and with stable update for Phone (2) users. The three new widgets include – Pedometer widget, Media Player Widget, and Screen Time widget.

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The Nothing widgets app is now updated to version 1.3.1 and supports the new widgets for Phone (1) users on Nothing OS 2.0.5 based on Android 13. These widgets were released in Nothing OS 2.5.1 Open Beta 1 update for Phone (1) which was released last week.

How to get new widgets with Nothing OS 2.0.5

1. Make sure you are on Nothing OS 2.0.5 based on Android 13. Then update the Nothing Widgets app from the Play Store to version 1.3.1.

Nothing Widgets app

2. Long-press on the home screen to open the customization menu, and then tap on widgets. Then you can choose any widget from the 20 Nothing widgets in the widget library, where you can also find the new pedometer, screen time, and media player widgets.

3. To add any of these new widgets, tap to expand them and then drag and drop them on your Home screen wherever you want to place them. All the three new widgets require a 2 x 2 space on the home screen.

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With this update you will get three new widgets in the Nothing Widgets category which are :-

1. Pedometer widget: It is an amazing widget that lets you monitor your step count. You can set your daily step goal and then the widget shows your progress through a visualization of a man walking on a dotted path to display the progress. You can swipe up on the widget to check the daily step count and 7-day step count average. Then swipe up again to view monthly snapshots of daily goals and streaks calendar.

Pedometer widget

2. Screen Time Widget : Screen Time widget lets you monitor your screen time on your smartphone. It has a very unique implementation where a smartphone with a face icon is the widget and it turns red and shows sad emotion when you exceed your screen time limit otherwise it stays happy and white. You can also adjust your daily screen time limit and also swipe up on the widget to check your screen time and time over the screen time limit.

screen time widget

3. Media Player Widget: The Media Player widget displays the song currently playing from any music app on your phone. It also shows the album cover art on the widget. You can swipe up vertically on the widget to view artists and music info with the app icon from which the music is playing; tapping on the icon also takes you to the app from which the music is playing. To Play or pause the music you can simply tap on the widget and swipe left or right to navigate through albums or podcasts from any media source. The widget provides seamless integration with all the music apps.

Media Player widget

This update was specially released for Phone (1) users on Nothing OS 2.0.5 based on Android 13 to provide them with support for three new widgets. In the Q3 2023 Community update Nothing Design lead Bruno Viegas mentioned that they are going to leverage the new widgets through App updates instead of system updates, which can be delivered more frequently. Thus, this update to the Nothing Widgets app is provided through Play Store for adding new widgets for non-beta Phone (1) users.

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