Nothing announces Rohit Pakalapati as new Community Board Observer

Recently, Nothing announced Rohit Pakalapati as there new CBO (Community Board Observer) for the year 2024. The announcement was made after a two-week election for the CBO role in the Nothing community, which ended on January 3, 2024. Last year CBO Louis and Roddy Merrit were the other two candidates who took part in the election.

Rohit Palakpati - Nothing CBO

On January 3 Nothing’s Community Manager – Rob Godwin tweeted congratulating Rohit Pakalapati for being elected as Nothing CBO’ 24 and giving him a warm welcome for the role. The Community Board Observer applications started on November 7, 2023 and three of them were shortlisted for final voting started on December 24.

Rohit Pakalapati is as Indian guy based in the UK who is currently pursuing his master’s in Marketing Management (digital). He has also been an active member of the Nothing community since Oct,2021. Rohit is one of the three candidates to be shortlisted from many who applied for the role of CBO and shared their views regarding the role, about there interests, and plans on how they will handle the CBO role.

Nothing Community Board Observer Elections

Here is what Rohit said after being elected as the Community Board Observer for Nothing.

Dear Community,

It feels surreal and deeply gratifying to represent our community at the board level as your Community Board Observer (CBO). From the very inception of Nothing, I have been part of this incredible journey, and it’s an honour to now serve in a role that symbolises the connection and commitment we share. My gratitude extends to all the connections I’ve made, solely because of the importance Nothing places on its community. I vividly remember attending the first in-person community event; it was a transformative experience for me. The grounded and friendly nature of everyone on the team reinforced how much they genuinely care about the community.

As I step into the role of CBO, I am reminded that this position is not about ‘I’, but about ‘we’. The collective voice of our community is my guiding force, and I am fully committed to being as bold and conscious in this role as possible. I understand the significance of constructive criticism and believe it to be more crucial than positive news. However, I also recognise the importance of boosting the team’s morale with positive feedback and good vibes from our community. They deserve to hear not just our concerns and critiques but also our encouragement and support.

I promise to do my best in this position and will never take it for granted. I will ensure that every piece of feedback, be it praise or criticism, is thoughtfully considered and packaged before presenting it in meetings. My commitment to Nothing and to each one of you is unwavering, and I will strive to represent every voice in our community with integrity and dedication. This role is a testament to our collective power and influence, and I am eager to bring our voices and ideas to the forefront of decision-making processes.

Thank you once again for your trust and support. Here’s to a new chapter where we continue to grow, innovate, and shape the future together.

Rohit Pakalapati (CBO, Nothing)

The role of a CBO is to represent Nothing community and its members in Nothing’s board meetings and to keep the community updated throughout the year. CBO’s primary responsibility is to be a bridge between Nothing and the community, to observe and interact with the community, and to gather insights. Other duties of CBO include Engaging with members and on community platforms, attending quarterly board meetings presenting the insights gathered from the community, and engaging with Nothing’s software and product teams to share community feedback.


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