Xiaomi 13 Pro HyperOS Update Rolls Out in India

Xiaomi has begun rolling out the HyperOS update for its Xiaomi 13 Pro smartphones in India. This major update marks a shift from the existing MIUI 14 to the new operating system, HyperOS, which is based on Android 14. The introduction of HyperOS is designed to enhance the performance of the Xiaomi 13 Pro, especially in scenarios that demand high resource usage.

You can identify this update for your Xiaomi 13 Pro with its firmware version and the update size is 1.9 GB. This will be an incremental update, so your data won’t be wiped unless something goes wrong. It’s very much recommended that you take a backup of your important data.

Xiaomi 13 Pro HyperOS Update

HyperOS: New Features

One of the key features of HyperOS is HyperConnect, which enables remote device management. This allows users to easily control and manage their connected devices from their Xiaomi 13 Pro smartphones. Another notable addition is the HyperMind AI, a system that learns and adapts to the user’s preferences, providing a more personalized experience. The update also brings a series of enhanced security measures, ensuring better protection for user data.

The visual aspect of the user interface has been refreshed as well. This includes a redesigned notification system and improvements to the multi-window interface, making for a more user-friendly experience. The update also introduces a more contemporary design language for UI elements like home screen icons.

Along with these features, the update includes an updated Android Security Patch dated December 2023, which strengthens the overall security of the system. The memory management engine of the device has been extensively refactored, leading to more efficient resource utilization and better performance.

Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal of the user interface has been elevated. The new animations and use of natural colors make interactions with the device more intuitive and vibrant. The Weather app has also been revamped to not only provide essential information but also to convey the ambiance of the outdoors more effectively. The Lock screen now has the capability to transform photos into dynamic art posters, adding an artistic touch to the device.

In addition to the Xiaomi 13 Pro, other models such as the Redmi Note 13 Pro, Note 13 Pro+, POCO F5, and the upcoming POCO X6 Pro are slated to receive the HyperOS update. Xiaomi Pad 6 is expected to be updated to HyperOS in January.

For POCO F5 users, a beta version of HyperOS is on the horizon, with the full rollout dependent on the feedback received from these beta users. The POCO X6 Pro, when launched, will come with Xiaomi HyperOS pre-installed, making it one of the first devices to run the new operating system out of the box.

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