How to Enable 5G on OnePlus Phones Running OxygenOS 11

OxygenOS 11 brought many new features and enhancements to OnePlus phones, but it lacked one key aspect: support for 5G services. This guide explains how to unlock 5G speed on OnePlus devices running OxygenOS 11. Now

Preparing for the Process

Important Notes:

  • This guide is specifically for Qualcomm devices; for MediaTek processor devices, please refer to another guide (linked in the description below).
  • Use SIM in Slot 1 instead of Slot 2.
  • Jio Services won’t be working for 5G, but you can still try other operators like Airtel.

Required Downloads

  1. Qualcomm drivers
  2. Engineering mode APK
  3. OnePlus USB drivers
  4. qpst tool (found in the description below)
  5. Force LTE application

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Enable Developer Options

  • Go to the “About” section on your device and tap on the build number seven times.
  • Go to “System Developer Options” and enable USB debugging.

Step 2: Check ADB Drivers on PC

  • Make sure your PC has the latest ADB drivers.
  • Use the command ADB devices in the command prompt to check if drivers are properly installed.

Step 3: Copy and Install Files

  • Install engineering mode APK on your smartphone.
  • Enable file transfer mode, copy the APK file, and install it on your device.
  • Dial *#801# on your dial pad, and enable engineering mode.

Step 4: Install OnePlus USB Drivers

  • Install OnePlus USB drivers on your PC.
  • In the device manager, update drivers by selecting the correct driver from the downloaded files.

Step 5: Install Qualcomm Android Modem

  • Select the first option which is “Qualcomm Android modem 9018.”

Step 6: Install qpst tool

  • Install the qpst tool from the downloaded setup file.
  • Go to the port section, tap “ADD New Port,” and select the appropriate COM.

Step 7: EFS Explorer

  • Go to “Start client,” tap on “EFS Explorer,” and select your device.
  • Once the process is completed, scroll down and search for “policyman.”
  • Delete the existing files named “career_policy” and “career_policy_subscription_01.”
  • Add the new files provided in the description.

Step 8: Use Force LTE Application

  • Install and open the “Force LTE” application.
  • Select “Method 2,” then choose the “NR” or “NR/LTE” option under “Set preferred network type.”

Step 9: Enjoy 5G

  • Your device should now display 5G, and you can enjoy 5G services on your OnePlus 8 running OxygenOS 11.

This guide helps you enable 5G on your OnePlus smartphone running OxygenOS 11.Please remember that after rebooting your device, you need to reopen the app and change the preferred network type back to 5G. Follow all the above steps carefully and unlock the 5G services on your device.

We also made a dedicated video on this topic on youtube where you can simply follow it and do the steps.

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