Avoid Common Charging Mistakes: Tips for iPhones

Are you guys charging your iPhones overnight? If your answer is yes. Then, from now, you have to avoid charging your iPhone overnight because it is harming your iPhone. According to Apple, they won’t recommend users to charge their iPhones overnight.

If we talk about Apple’s official safety memo, in that Apple said ‘Don’t cover your device while charging’, don’t cover your device with a blanket while charging. Also, don’t sleep with these equipment such as a power adaptor, or wireless charger. Most of the users also sleep on a pillow covering pillow on the phone. So, do keep in mind not to do these mistakes because these mistakes may harm you.

Also, don’t charge your phone near or in water or any other liquid. Apple recommends users to use “Made for Apple” certified cables and power Adaptors from Apple. So, do use Apple-certified cables and Power Adaptors for charging your iPhones. Also, don’t use damaged data cables, and avoid charging in moisture.

Do remember not just charge the iPhones overnight or under the pillow but we must have to charge our phones in proper condition. Even after knowing these tips, if you charge your charge your phone like as usual then, it may cause a risk of death or injury.


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Kshitiz Jangra is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA), he likes coding languages such as Python, C, and Java. He also has an interest in Smartphones and gadgets in the tech industry. Kshitiz likes to eat junk food from popular places in India.

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