CMF Watch Pro v11.0.0.47 Update Adds 12 hour Time Format and New Languages

CMF by Nothing, a sub-brand of Nothing launched a smartwatch named CMF Watch Pro a few months ago. The Watch and it’s app have had lots of updates since their launch. CMF has released yet another update for both CMF Watch Pro and its app.

The CMF Watch App has received a new update version 2.2.15, and the Watch Pro has also got a firmware update with version with an update size of 12.6MB. The Update brings improvements to some features and functions of the Watch Pro along with some new watch faces.

How to update the CMF Watch Pro

Go to the Play Store and update the CMF Watch app. Then open the CMF Watch app and go to the Device page > Update device > Start Update. Please ensure that your Watch Pro has at least 40% of charge before updating.

Update steps

Changes with the update

  1. The CMF Watch App now provides an option to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats for Watch Pro. It is applicable for all the watch faces.
time format

Follow these steps to To change the time format of your CMF Watch Pro:

  • Go to the My section, and then tap on the settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Then turn on/off the 24-hour time toggle.

2. Added support for imperial units, which can be switched from the app. You can switch between imperial units for weight and length/distance measurement: cm, km, or feet, miles for length, and lb. or Kg for weight. The change will apply through the app interface and watch UI.

Follow these steps to switch between imperial units of your CMF Watch Pro:

  • Go to the My section, and then tap the settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Then tap on unit settings.
  • Now you can switch between the imperial units for length and weight.
imperial units

3. Added support to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius units for temperature. The temperature unit we use changes for all the watch faces that show weather info and also the weather section of the app.

Follow these steps to change the temperature unit of your watch pro –

  • Go to My section and then tap on the settings icon in the top right corner
  • Then tap on unit settings.
  • Now you can select between Fahrenheit and Celsius as temperature units.
temperature unit

4. CMF has added support for four new languages for Watch Pro. The four languages are Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Polish.

follow these steps to change the temperature unit of your watch pro –

  • To change the language of your Watch Pro.
  • Tap on the menu button on the watch.
  • Scroll down and tap on settings.
  • Open the language and scroll down to select your preferred language.
  • Then tap on the tick icon to apply it to Watch Pro.

5. Improved accuracy of weather data display. The weather is now synced properly with the phone.

weather app

6. Watch Pro now has an Optimised display for the music control interface. The Volume control have been improved and are now easy to use.

Watch Pro Music control

7. They have also improved the speed of the smartphone camera remote. Earlier, it used to have a 2-second delay, which is now reduced.

8. The Watch Pro also gets three new watch faces: two are digital and one is multifunction. The new watch faces show lots of information and fitness data, such as step count and heart rate.

new watch faces

9. The changelog also mentioned about refining various text fields and resolving some known issues.

CMF Watch app change log

This was a much-awaited update for CMF Watch Pro users, as it was announced earlier but wasn’t released due to some issues. CMF has worked on the feedback from the users and brought some important and most demanding features, such as an option to choose between time format and temperature unit. New watch dials are also added as per user’s demand. CMF is working hard to provide the best experience with the Watch Pro.

However, some major issues still exist on the Watch Pro, such as the CMF Watch app needs to be in the background otherwise you won’t receive notifications. The watch also has connection issues, and some basic features are missing, such as a double tap to wake. CMF is constantly taking the user’s feedback and will surely work on these issues and fix them with an update in the future.

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