Nothing Phone (2) User Takes Legal Action Against Nothing India

Recently, an Indian consumer filed a legal complaint against Nothing India after getting poor after-sales service and being cheated by the brand. An X (formerly Twitter) user named s1cK xD recently posted all the details regarding his experience with Nothing India service support to took legal action against them.

The user Phone (2) motherboard went dead on October 16th (2 months and 24 days since activation), and he got it replaced under warranty on October 23rd, 2023. Sometime later, after this service, the fingerprint sensor stopped working. He took it to the same service center (F1 Info Service Solutions), which is a third-party service solution. During the recalibration of the fingerprint sensor, the service center employees declared the newly replaced motherboard dead and asked the user to put up his Phone (2) for a second motherboard replacement. The user had a lot of discussions with the service support, after which they gave his phone back with somehow a working motherboard and still a non-working fingerprint sensor and also declared it a ‘bad condition’. According to the user, they could not figure out the issue and then declared the functional fingerprint sensor dead. They also gave the device all scratched and with a piece of plastic bag inside the back glass.

Nothing Phone (2)

The user contacted support regarding the issue and was asked to visit the same service center and repair it again, which the user denied. The user also claims that the service center executive blamed him for the workload of his technicians thus, the user didn’t want to visit that service center again. Later, the user shared his experience on Discord, and an executive contacted him and asked for 3rd service and denied replacement. The user demanded to send his device to Nothing exclusive service center in Bangalore for repair, to which the executive asked him to wait.

But later, they booked an appointment with the same service center (F1 Info service solutions) where the user had a poor experience without consulting the user. The user at first didn’t know that his device was picked up and sent to the same service where he had a poor experience; instead, he thought that his device was picked up and sent to be serviced in Bangalore. But later, the user received an SMS from F1 Info Service solutions for registering his ‘defective device’ with them. The user asked for the cancellation of pick-n-drop but got no reply from the service center. The next day, an executive from BlueDart showed up for the pickup of the mobile phone, which the user canceled on the doorstep.

The user filed a national consumer complaint on November 4 for being betrayed by the brand. After filing a national consumer complaint, the brand has to give a response within 45 days, otherwise, legal action could be taken against them. The user has also confirmed that he is going to take legal action on December 18, 2023.

Nothing was also providing a replacement to the user after 55 days of the first complaint which the user denied as the brand wanted the user to delete everything the user posted about the service experience from all social media platforms and also take back the legal complaint. The user thinks that it is a violation of free speech,and the brand wants the user to not share his views about the poor experience.

The user also shared a file containing all the details regarding the issue and called out all of the famous Indian tech content creators to talk more about after-sales service in their YouTube videos. The user demands compensation for all the mental toll and stress he had to go through in the last 2 months to get his smartphone repaired.

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