CMF Watch App v2.2.13 Update Brings Enhanced GPS, New Heart Rate Display, and Better Sleep Stats

CMF By Nothing, the sub-brand of Nothing has released a new update version 2.2.13 for its CMF Watch App. It will bring the addition of new features to improve the overall user experience along with functional optimization.

CMF Watch App v2.2.13

The CMF by Nothing team has added an FAQ link for users to easily access common questions and answers in the CMF Watch App. Currently, the FAQ is empty, but the company will add questions and answers in the future. There is an addition to the heart zone display on the exercise details page. You will now see a charging status display whenever you put your watch on charge.

CMF Watch App FAQ Section
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Apart from these additions, the company also did some optimization to the existing features. Now you will see better accuracy in the weather synchronization with your smartphone. Another optimization is the accuracy of the GPS positioning in CMF Watch Pro when starting sports activities through the app. This will improve your precise location tracking while working out.

The display of the sleep statistics is now optimized for improvement in more detailed insights into users sleep patterns and health management.

Furthermore, the update has resolved some known issues with improving the overall stability and performance of the CMF Watch Pro.

CMF Watch App v2.2.13 Changelog:

  • Added FAQ link.
  • Optimised the accuracy of weather synchronisation.
  • Optimised the accuracy of GPS positioning when starting sports in the app.
  • In the exercise details page of all types of exercise, the heart rate zone display is added.
  • Optimised the display of the sleep statistics page.
  • Added charging status display.
  • Resolved some known issues.

You can update your CMF Watch App to v2.2.13 through the Google Play Store from here.

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