Apple iPhone 16 Prototype Renders Show New Camera and Button Layout

The tech world is buzzing with excitement as new details have appeared about the iPhone 16, still a distant dream in Apple’s product timeline. Thanks to a recent article from MacRumors, we’ve got a sneak peek into the potential design changes of the iPhone 16, affectionately referred to as “DeLorean” within the Apple corridors.

In a significant departure from its predecessors, the iPhone 16 is experimenting with its back design and button placement. The leaked pre-production renders reveal three distinct designs, each hinting at a blend of nostalgia and innovation.

iPhone 16 prototype render

One design takes a leaf out of the iPhone X’s book, featuring a vertical pill-shaped housing for its dual camera lenses. This nod to the past is coupled with an exciting new change – a unified volume rocker. This design choice marks a departure from the separate volume up and down buttons that have been a staple since 2010.

All three variants, rendered in eye-catching yellow, pink, and black, introduce another intriguing feature – capacitive Action Buttons located above the volume rocker. The black model stands out with a visually larger button, hinting at a unique functionality or aesthetic preference.

iPhone 16 side frame

The black model doesn’t stop there. It also have a capacitive Capture Button, strategically placed below the power button. This new addition, internally known as “Project Nova,” promises to offer force touch feedback. It’s not just a fancy new button; it doubles as a shutter button for the camera, bringing a tactile and intuitive experience to photography enthusiasts.

iPhone 16 sideframe

While the yellow and pink models retain a more traditional camera look, with each lens encased in a metal ring, the entire series is expected to embrace the Action Button feature. This move suggests a unified design philosophy across the iPhone 16 lineup, offering users a consistent and refined experience.

Featured Image Courtesy: MacRumors

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