Samsung to Bring Fresh Design and Smaller Galaxy S Ultra in the Coming Years

Recent rumors are increasing excitement about Samsung’s plans for their smartphone lineup in the next few years. According to a report, Samsung is looking to make some big changes starting in 2026.

The company plans to stick with its simple and sleek design for the Galaxy S series until the release of the Galaxy S25 in 2025. After that, Samsung is expected to switch things up with a brand new design style. This change shows Samsung’s desire to keep their phones fresh and interesting.

Another part of the report talks about the Galaxy A series. Samsung might be planning to make these phones smaller. This could be great for users who prefer more compact phones that are easier to handle.

But the report gets a bit uncertain from here. It suggests that Samsung is thinking about creating a phone to take on the iPhone Pro. This new phone might be added to the FE lineup. It could be a smaller version of the Galaxy S Ultra or a more advanced Galaxy FE phone. However, this idea is still in the early stages.

There’s also talk about a Galaxy Fold Lite. This new model could have a smaller cover screen, or it might not have a cover screen at all. It’s expected to come out after the Galaxy Z Fold6. Interestingly, the report says that if the Fold Lite is released, there won’t be a new Z Flip model. But this is hard to believe because the Z Flip is very popular.

While these rumors give us a lot to think about, it’s important to remember that they are still just rumors. They offer an early look into what Samsung might be planning, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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