Top Hidden Features in OnePlus 12 with OxygenOS 14

Last month, the OnePlus company launched the OnePlus 12 series in the global region. Now we’re diving deep into the OnePlus 12 to uncover hidden features, tips, and tricks. This guide is perfect for both new OnePlus users and the OG OnePlus gang. So, let’s enhance your OnePlus experience right from the moment you unbox your device.

Currently, the OnePlus 12 is running OxygenOS 14 which is based on Android 14. The company also released its first update for the device to fix some bugs and give a new camera mode.

1. Disable Internet Applications: First off, disable the default Internet application to use your preferred browser, like Chrome, for a smoother experience.

2. Holo Audio: Discover the Holo audio feature in sound effects for a multi-dimensional sound experience, especially when paired with OnePlus Buds Pro.

3. Master Mode in Camera: Explore the Master mode in the camera app, featuring Hasselblad color tuning for vibrant photos. Don’t worry; Pro mode hasn’t disappeared – it’s just been relocated.

4. 4K Front Camera: OnePlus 12 introduces 4K 30fps video recording with the front camera, a significant upgrade for vloggers and selfie enthusiasts.

5. Interval Shooting: Set custom intervals for your shots, a handy feature for capturing time-lapse videos or group photos without rushing.

6. Customizable Shooting Modes: Customize shooting modes, including palm gesture captures and tap-to-shoot, for a personalized photography experience.

7. Volume Button Controls: Use volume buttons for shutter control or zoom, a convenient option for one-handed operation.

8. Floating Windows: OnePlus 12 supports floating windows for multitasking, although it’s limited to one application at a time.

9. Grid Size Customization: Customize your home screen grid size up to 5×6, although the app drawer grid size remains unchanged.

10. Animation Speed: Adjust animation speed in the launcher settings for faster navigation through your device.

11. One-Handed Gestures: Access top-screen apps easily with a swipe from the bottom edge, making one-handed use more practical.

12. Swipe Down for Notification Panel: Change the swipe-down action to open the notification panel directly from any screen.

13. Lock Screen Gestures: Customize gestures for locking the screen or waking up the device directly from the lock screen.

14. Recent Manager Lock: Lock up to 10 applications in the recent task manager to prevent them from closing during a mass app clear.

15. RAM Display in Recents: Monitor your device’s RAM usage directly from the recent apps screen for better management.

16. Quick Switch to Previous App: Use the system navigation gestures to swiftly switch back to the previous application.

17. Mouch Prevention: Adjust back gesture sensitivity and enable/disable mouch prevention for an optimized navigation experience.

18. Screen Off Gestures: Utilize screen-off gestures for quick access to the camera, flashlight, and custom shortcuts, even when the screen is off.

19. Three-Finger Screenshot: Capture screenshots or partial screenshots with simple gestures, enhancing your productivity.

20. Air Gestures: Answer calls or mute them with a simple gesture, thanks to OnePlus’s innovative air gesture controls.

21. Rise to Wake and Auto-Answer Calls: Automatically wake your device or answer calls by lifting it to your ear, a handy feature for hands-free operation.

22. Flip to Mute Calls: Quickly mute incoming calls by flipping your device, a discreet way to silence your phone.

23. Split Screen with Three Fingers: Activate split-screen mode with a three-finger swipe, doubling your productivity.

24. Quick Launch Options: Customize quick launch actions for apps, allowing you to jump straight into specific functions or modes.

25. Flexi Window Features: Explore the Flexi window for button-free mode and quick app hiding, enhancing your multitasking experience.

26. Smart Sidebar: Utilize the Smart sidebar for easy access to file docs and recent files, syncing across OnePlus devices for seamless file management.

27. Dynamic Island-like Notifications: Enjoy Dynamic Island-like notifications for apps like the clock and Zomato, offering interactive and informative alerts.

28. Kids Mode: Set up a safe environment for kids with dedicated home screens, screen time limits, and content monitoring.

29. 2K Screen Recording: Record your screen in high-quality 2K resolution, perfect for capturing detailed tutorials or gameplay.

30. Assistive Ball: Use the Assistive ball for easy navigation and control, especially useful if your physical buttons are damaged or to avoid using them.

31. One-Handed Mode: Enable one-handed mode for easier use of large screens with just one hand, enhancing accessibility.

32. Customizable Power Button: Choose between Google Assistant and the power menu for the power button’s functionality.

33. Retouch Appearance in Video Calls: Improve your appearance in video calls with retouch options, though current support for third-party apps is limited.

34. Scheduled Power On/Off: Automate your device’s power cycles to clear caches and improve performance without manual intervention.

35. AI Features: Explore AI features like Pixelate 2.0 for automatic blurring of sensitive information in screenshots and Smart Cutout for photo editing.

36. Gaming Enhancements: Enjoy 90 FPS in popular games, adaptive frame boosters, and hyper-resolution options for an immersive gaming experience.

37. Haptic Feedback: Experience superior haptic feedback with customizable intensity settings, choosing between crisp and gentle vibrations.

38. High-Resolution Display: Ensure sharper images and videos by setting the resolution to high and enabling adaptive detail enhancement.

39. Refresh Rate Management: Optimize battery life by setting app-specific refresh rates, ensuring high refresh rates only for your most-used apps.

40. Customization and Privacy: OnePlus 12 offers minimal customization options but includes useful privacy features like app lock, private safe, and system cloner for enhanced security.

These features, tips, and tricks unlock a whole new level of productivity and enjoyment on your OnePlus 12 or OnePlus 12R. Whether you’re a new user or part of the OG OnePlus community, there’s something new to discover and optimize your OnePlus smartphone experience.

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