OnePlus 12 Brightness Test Reveals Surprising Results Against OnePlus 11 and Samsung S23 Ultra

Since the release of the OnePlus 12, there have been many questions about its brightness. OnePlus 12 is known for its high peak brightness, around 4,500 nits. However, some users on Twitter and other social platforms have called this a gimmick. To find out the truth, we conducted our own brightness tests comparing OnePlus 12 with its predecessor, the OnePlus 11, and the Samsung S23 Ultra.

Our tests used a lux meter to measure the brightness of these three smartphones. Despite OnePlus promising an update to increase the OnePlus 12’s normal brightness from 600 nits to 800 nits, which has already been rolled out in China, we proceeded with our current settings. The OnePlus 12 offers three brightness modes: normal, high, and peak brightness. Through our tests, both indoors and outdoors, we aimed to understand how these devices perform in real-world scenarios.

OnePlus 12 Display Brightness

Indoor Brightness Comparison

Indoors, with a white wallpaper and manual brightness settings, the OnePlus 12 showed a higher brightness level compared to the OnePlus 11 and the Samsung S23 Ultra. The OnePlus 12 reached 1,130 nits, the OnePlus 11 had 685 nits, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra 690 nits. Playing HDR videos, however, the S23 Ultra outshined the others, showcasing Samsung’s superior color reproduction and brightness optimization for video content.

OnePlus 12 Brightness test with lux meter

Outdoor Brightness Comparison

Outdoor tests were conducted under direct sunlight with auto brightness enabled. Here, Samsung’s extra brightness feature, available on the S23 Ultra, played a significant role. This feature boosts brightness beyond manual settings when adaptive brightness is enabled. Under these conditions, the S23 Ultra reached an impressive 1,800 nits, surpassing its own peak brightness rating. The OnePlus 12 reached up to 1,300 nits, and the OnePlus 11 was close to 1,000 nits.

OnePlus 12 Outdoor brightness test with lux meter

Final Verdict

Our tests showed that indoors, without playing videos, the OnePlus 12 indeed offers superior brightness. However, when it comes to outdoor visibility and video playback, Samsung’s S23 Ultra takes the lead due to its extra brightness feature and better optimization for HDR content. The OnePlus 12’s claimed peak brightness of 4,500 nits remains questionable, as our testing methods could not verify these figures.

We have a video for the dedicated test for the brightness of the OnePlus 12.

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