Top 6 Tips Every BGMI Player Needs to Know

Battleground Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI is a popular game all over India. The gamers use different types of strategies to get victory and there is a special message at the end which is “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

In this article, we are going to discuss six tips that gamers use to dominate the lobby and show impressive gameplay.

1. Perfect Landing

It is really very important to know how to land fast as landing fast helps an individual to find gun and surprise enemies when they land.

2. Speedup Loot

It is essential to loot up fast as gamers are experts in looting quickly obtaining helmets, vests, healings, guns, and ammo. Looting fast gives you a chance to hold a good position to give a surprise attack to your enemy.

3. Have Basic Knowledge of Guns

It is important to have knowledge about guns, their recoils, and special features that the gun has. Assault rifles using 5.56mm ammo are good for mid-range and long rage battles whereas assault rifles using 7.62 mm ammo are good for close-range battles. Shotguns are only for close range and use 12-gauge ammo and snipers are for long-range battles for giving headshots to the enemies.

4. Knock and Push

As soon as we knock a player, we give a call to push. After wiping the squad, we need to keep in mind that a different squad may hear the gun sound and give a call to a third party.

5. Master The Controls and Sensitivity

The first step to excelling in BGMI is to get used to the controls and sensitivity we are using. Go to the training ground to set your perfect controls and sensitivity which will help you to dominate the lobby. Mastering our controls will take time but is essential.

6. Look for Proper Squad or Team

We enjoy playing BGMI when we have a proper squad or team. It really doesn’t matter if you are a pro player. It would be best if you have a good synergy with your other teammates and every single member should know their role.

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Sunali Sahu is a hardcore mobile gamer and an eSports player in the BGMI competitive scenario. She also has an interest in the latest smartphones and gadgets. In free time she watches horror movies and web series.

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