Nothing Phone (1) Performance Test after Nothing OS 2.5.1 Open Beta Update

Recently, Nothing released the Nothing OS 2.5.1 Open Beta update based on Android 14 for Phone (1). The update was announced and shared through there community website. The update brings lots of new features in customization and new gestures. new widgets and some other improvements.

The update also brings improvements to various aspects like performance, battery life, and the smoothness of the UI. Now let’s have look at the performance improvements with Nothing OS 2.5.1 Open Beta update over Nothing OS 2.0.5 based on Android 13.

Nothing Phone (1) performance test after Nothing OS 2.5.1 Open Beta Update

Nothing Phone (1) was released with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ SoC which is a 5G Processor based on 4nm fabrication and is a very stable and decently powerful processor. It is also equipped with an Adreno 642L GPU, and latest LPDDR5 RAM type, and faster UFS 3.1 Storage.

We performed the Geekbench 6 CPU Benchmark test on our Nothing Phone (1) and noticed some improvement in the multi-core score as the score jumped by 34 points and the single-core improved by 32 points when compared to the previous version.

The GPU benchmark gave almost the same scores as before which is around 2300 points for the OpenCL Score thus GPU performance remains the same as before.

We also performed a CPU Throttling test which determines the stability in performance of the processor. It lets us know when the processor throttles when it is pushed hard to its limits. We ran the test for 15 minutes while the previous build showed the CPU throttling to 68% of its maximum performance and the newer 2.5.1 open beta version throttled to 95% which is a massive improvement from the previous version. The open beta version also gave a better average GIPS score of 244779 which is a difference of almost 21000 points from the previous build. This suggests that Nothing has improved the throttling performance to a great extent while still managing to increase the throttling which means it can handle CPU-intensive tasks for long periods without throttling the performance.

We also ran an AnTuTu benchmark test to monitor the change in the overall performance of smartphones and here, Phone (1) with Nothing OS 2.5.1 performed better than the previous build and gave better scores with a difference of almost 43000 points. Phone (1) even got better GPU scores when compared to the previous version. Thus overall CPU and GPU performance has been also improved with the latest update.

The performance test clearly shows that Phone (1) performance has been improved with the Open beta update and it’s more powerful and stable now. The throttling performance has also been highly improved, which makes Nothing Phone (1) much better during CPU-intensive tasks. Nothing has also improved the app opening speeds and other animations in the UI which enhances the experience of Phone (1) in daily usage.

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