New Quick Share System Announced by Google in Collaboration with Samsung

Google has announced an amazing new Quick Share system for Android devices, developed in collaboration with Samsung, at CES today. This new system is set to replace Google’s Nearby Share, which was introduced in 2020.

Interestingly, Google has adopted the naming convention of Samsung for this new feature. The Quick Share system is described as a merger of the best features from both companies, offering an improved default option for peer-to-peer content sharing across various devices running Android or Chrome OS.

Furthermore, Google is partnering with top PC manufacturers like LG to introduce Quick Share to Windows PCs as a pre-installed app in the future. This new system simplifies the sharing process; with just a tap on the Quick Share icon, users can see a list of nearby devices available for sharing.

Quick Share System

Users have the flexibility to control who can discover their device and send files. They can choose from options like everyone, only their contacts, or just their own devices. The rollout of the new Quick Share feature to devices currently enabled with Nearby Share is expected to begin in February.

In other updates, Google’s Fast Pair is set to expand to Chromecast with Google TV within the next month, and to more Google TV devices later this year. This feature allows easy connection of compatible headphones or speakers to Google TV with just a tap. It also includes convenient audio output controls for effortless switching back to the TV’s default audio.

Fast Pair with Google TV

Starting today, users can cast TikTok content to devices with Chromecast built-in. This functionality will soon extend to live videos on TikTok.

titkok with chromecast

In 2024, LG’s TV lineup, including LG Hospitality and LG Healthcare devices, will come with Chromecast built-in. This integration will enable users to cast content from their phones directly to LG TVs in hotels or hospital rooms. Google reports that there are currently over 220 million monthly active users on Google TV and other Android TV devices.

A novel casting feature to be introduced later this year will allow users to transfer what they’re playing on Spotify and YouTube Music from a compatible Pixel phone to a docked Pixel Tablet when nearby. This feature is designed for seamless audio transition from on-the-go to at-home listening.

Youtube music google

LG TVs and select Google TV and other Android TV devices are slated to become hubs for Google Home. This will facilitate the addition of devices supporting the Matter protocol to home networks and allow local control through the Google Home app.

Lastly, Google has enhanced Android Auto with new features, including the Chrome browser and options to customize the infotainment screen’s wallpaper in cars.

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