iOS 17.2 Update Brings New Features to Messages and Weather Apps

Apple has recently released the iOS 17.2 update for all the compatible iPhones. The update brings lots of new features and improvements, along with the much-awaited Journal app. This release also includes action button and camera enhancements, new features, and changes to the messages and weather app.

Particularly, we are going to focus on the changes in the messages and weather apps, and lots of new visual changes and features have been added to both apps with this update.

weather and messages app

Weather App

  1. Now the weather app shows the precipitation amount for a given day and over the next 10 days to keep you updated about the rain and snow conditions. Precipitation data is shown through a graph that uses different dots for rain, snow, Wintry Mix etc. To access the precipitation data just tap on the precipitation tile in the weather app.
weather app-1

2. New weather widgets have been added that let you choose from the daily forecast, sunrise and sunset, and details that show you the next-hour precipitation, air quality, feel, and wind speed.

  • Sunrise and Sunset: This widget tells you about the upcoming sunrise and sunset for your location. The widget also shows a visual of the sun’s position concerning sea level.
  • Daily Forecast: This widget shows the current weather conditions and daily forecast for a location. It shows high and low temperatures for the day and following days, with icons to represent different weather conditions in the following days.
  • Details: This widget shows all the weather details, such as the chance of precipitation, wind speed, UV index, and temperature details.
weather widgets

3. The wind map snapshot helps you quickly access wind patterns and access the animated wind map overlay to prepare for forecasted wind conditions for the next 24 hours. To access the wind map, tap on the map icon in the bottom left corner of the Weather app, and then select the wind filter for the map. The map shows animation for the wind conditions for the next 24 hours. with white for high-speed winds and blue for low-speed winds.

wind map

4. An interactive moon calendar has been added to the weather app, which lets you visualize the phase of the moon on any day for the next month. To access the moon calendar, tap on the moon in the weather app and then scroll down on the moon page. The calendar also shows dates for the New Moon and Full Moon of the month.

moon calendar

Messages App

  1. Now the catch-up arrow lets you easily jump to your first unread message in a conversation. It’s visible in the top right corner, and tapping it takes you to the first unread message of the conversation when it is highlighted.
messages app -1

2. Now the Add sticker option in the context menu lets you add stickers directly to a bubble. To add a sticker, tap on the plus icon and then select a sticker from the context menu. Then you can select a sticker and simply drag and drop it over a bubble and it will stay over it If someone wants to read the message, then they can just long-press on the bubble to reveal the message.

messages app-2

3. Memoji updates include the ability to adjust the body shape of any memoji. To adjust the body of a memoji first, select the memoji section from the context menu and then select any one memoji from the library. Then click on three dots in the bottom left corner and tap on Edit to adjust the waist, chest, shoulders, and arms of the memoji on different levels according to you.

memoji customisation

4. You can now enable contact verification codes to help verify that people facing extraordinary digital threats are messaging only with the people they intend to Basically it alerts you if someone is using your device to pretend to be you with an Apple ID signed in to prevent fraud and digital threats.

contact key verification

iOS 17.2 brought major changes and feature additions to both the weather and messages apps. Some new visual and safety features like an interactive moon calendar and contact key verification help enhance the experience with these apps.

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