How to Record Calls in Nothing Phone (1), Nothing Phone (2), and Nothing Phone (2a), without Beep or announcement

As we all know Nothing has recently launched their budget-centric phone i.e. Nothing Phone (2a). This phone has already received NothingOS 2.5.3. If you talk about the changes and new add-ons, then do check out this post. With this new NothingOS 2.5.3 update, Nothing has updated their Recorder app.

As we know Nothing Phone (2a) or the previous Nothing Phone (2), and Nothing Phone (3), all come with Google Dialer. So, whenever you try to record calls using Google Dialer. But, with this updated Recorder app on the Nothing Phone (2a), you can record calls without any announcement or beep.

Note: Currently, you can only record calls on Nothing Phone (2a). We have tested it on our Phone (1) and Phone (2). But it won’t work.

This is because the Nothing Phone (2a) comes with NothingOS 2.5.3 based on Android 14. On the other hand, both Nothing Phone (1) and (2) currently run on NothingOS 2.5.2. So, let’s wait for the NothingOS 2.5.3 update for the Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing Phone (2). But, if you own a Nothing Phone (2a), then you can try this method to record calls without any beep or announcement.

How to record calls in Nothing Phone (2a) without a beep or announcement?

  • To record calls, first, you have to update your Recorder app to 1.8.0 by clicking here.
  • After that, you have to add the Recorder widget from the Widget Section. So, for that, you have to tap on the Home Screen> tap on Widgets.
  • Then, you have to tap on the edit icon of the Recorder Widget.
  • Later on, you will see the two options to Record Audio, the first one is Mic and the second one is Mic and System.
  • So, if you want to record calls, then you have to choose the second option which is Mic and System.
  • So, when if receive or make a call, then you just have to minimize and tap on the Recorder button or we can say the Recorder Widget which you have added.
  • That’s it.

We have already created a video that you can consider to record calls on your Phone (2a) without announcement or beep.

If you have still any doubts regarding call recording on Nothing Phone (2a) without beep or announcement, then do let us know in the comment box. Also, let us know as well whether you like this post or not.

During writing this post, Nothing has started rolling out NothingOS 2.5.3 update for Nothing Phone (1) in which nothing has added this Recorder Widget. So, now you can record calls in Nothing Phone (1) as well. Let’s wait for the NothingOS 2.5.3 update for Nothing Phone (2).

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