How to make Custom Ringtones with Glyph Composer App

The Nothing Phone (1) and Phone (2) have Glyph lights on their transparent backs, which provide you with important information like essential notifications and battery indicators at a glance through a pattern of lights. These Glyph Lights also notify you of your calls and notifications by playing a pattern through the lights. Nothing has provided 21 unique ringtones synced with Glyph lights that you can assign for calls and messages.

A few months after the launch of Nothing Phone (1), they announced the Glyph Composer app that allows you to create your own custom Glyph ringtones using some presets. The custom ringtones can be used for calls and notifications and they can also be shared with another Nothing Phone user.

Glyph composer

At first, Nothing collaborated with Swedish House Mafia, a Swedish music supergroup to create a SHM themed preset for their Glyph Composer but recently they also collaborated with famous music artist Sampha to create a preset for Glyph Composer over which you can create your custom ringtones in Sampha style.

How to create custom ringtones using Glyph Composer

  1. Go to settings, and then in Glyph Interface settings, open Glyph Composer. If you have already downloaded the Glyph Composer app it will redirect you there else it will direct you to the Play Store, from where you can download the Glyph Composer app.

2. Once you download and install the Glyph Composer app and open it, you can see the Glyph Interface of your phone on top with a preset and some buttons at the bottom. These will be used to create a pattern of sounds to form a ringtone. You can change the preset by tapping on it and selecting one from the 7 presets.

3. Each preset has its unique theme and is tuned to sync seamlessly with the Glyph lights. To create ringtones, select a preset and then tap on the red record button and provide the microphone and file permissions to the app (This step is only for the first time).

4. After providing the permissions, tap on the record button and use those 6 buttons that are synced with each section of Glyph to create a pattern of lights and sounds to form your custom ringtone. You can record a maximum of up to 10 seconds on a ringtone and then tap on save to give a name and save your custom ringtone. You can also discard or play the ringtone again from there itself.

5. After saving your ringtone, you can directly set this as your default ringtone and you can rename, delete, and share it using the three dots in the top left corner.

6. You can also access all your custom ringtones in the library by tapping on the 3 rows icon in the top left corner of the main page of the app. Ringtones are sorted according to the date created and can be shared, deleted, replayed, and renamed from here itself. By tapping the three dots in the top right corner, you can also import ringtones from your phone storage shared by someone else.

Nothing team actively works to make the Glyph composer interesting by collaborating with various music artists to create presets that help you create amazing custom glyph ringtones. You can also join the Glyph Composer exports channel of the Nothing Discord server where people share their custom glyph ringtones which you can also use as your ringtone.

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