OxygenOS Rolls Out for OnePlus 12R That Brings AI Eraser, App Volume, and Quick Flashlight

The OnePlus company released the OxygenOS update for OnePlus 12R users. This update comes with several new features and improvements to enhance the user experience and also it will improve the overall performance of the device.

The update can be identified by its firmware version CPH2585_14.0.0.505(EX01). It’s not that big update but it will still take 5–10 minutes for the installation. We recommend that your phone be charged above 50% before beginning the installation.

OxygenOS for OnePlus 12R

  • AI Eraser: The update introduces the AIGC Remover tool. This AI Eraser tool allows users to easily remove unwanted objects or people from their photos, making the images look cleaner and more professional.
AI Eraser Tool
  • Creative Photo Collages: Users can now create photo collages directly in the Photos app without the need for frames. This feature encourages creativity and allows for more personalized photo collections.
  • Quick Access Flashlight: With the new update, OnePlus 12R users can quickly turn on the flashlight by pressing and holding the Volume Down button when the screen is off. This provides convenient access to the flashlight feature, especially in dark situations.
Quick Flashlight
  • App-Specific Volume Control: The “app-specific volume” feature is a notable addition. This allows users to adjust the volume for individual apps according to their preferences, ensuring a customized audio experience across different applications.
OnePlus specific app volume feature
  • Volume Bar Design: The design of the volume bar has been improved for ease of use and visual consistency. This change aims to make adjusting the volume more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Enhanced Touch Control: Touch control experience in certain scenarios has been improved, offering smoother and more responsive interactions.
  • USB Connection Compatibility: The update enhances the compatibility of USB connections between phones and cars, and phones and PCs. This improvement is expected to provide a more reliable connection for users who frequently connect their OnePlus 12R to other devices.
  • System Stability: As with most updates, this version also includes enhancements to the system’s stability. These improvements are crucial for maintaining a smooth and efficient operating experience.
OnePlus 12R OxygenOS update changelog



  • AIGC Remover is now available to help you remove unwanted objects or people and make your photos look cleaner.
  • You can now create photo collages without frames in Photos.
  • You can now press and hold the Volume Down button to turn the flashlight on when the screen is off.
  • You can now try out the “app-specific volume” feature to adjust the volume for individual apps based on your needs.
  • Improves the volume bar’s design for ease of use and visual consistency.
  • Improves the touch control experience in certain scenarios.
  • Improves the compatibility of USB connections between phones and cars, and phones and PCs.
  • Improves system stability.

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