Nothing Phone 2 gets new Compass Widget and Zomato Integration with Nothing OS 2.0.3

In a recent update, Nothing Phone 2 received an OTA of Nothing OS 2.0.3. It brings some new features and improvements to enhance the user experience, though its not that major update

The update size is around 100 MB for Nothing OS 2.0.3 and it comes with an August 1, 2023 security patch. In this article, we’ll let you know the changes and additions that this update offers to Nothing Phone 2 users.

nothing os 2.0.3 update changelog for nothing phone 2
Nothing OS 2.0.3 changelog

Compass Widget Adds Orientation Utility

One of the standout features of the Nothing OS 2.0.3 update is the introduction of a new Compass widget. This widget adds a functional orientation tool to the smartphone’s repertoire. Users can access the Compass widget through the widget section, joining the existing eight widgets. The Compass widget not only displays the cardinal direction but also provides additional details such as longitude, latitude, and altitude when swiped up.

new compass widget

Pocket Mode Gets a UI Refresh

Although the update claims to bring a new user interface for the Pocket Mode feature, some users have reported difficulty triggering it. Pocket Mode typically activates when the smartphone’s sensors detect it’s in a pocket or a confined space to prevent accidental touches and conserve battery life.

Zomato Integration in Glyph Progress Bar

Nothing Phone 2 continues to explore practical uses for its Glyph lights. With this update, it introduces support for Zomato within the Glyph interface’s progress bar. Previously, the Glyph progress bar had support for Uber rides. From now Zomato app is integrated to the two LED lights on the device which allows users to track their food delivery status in real-time.

zomato integration

Improved OTG Compatibility Toggle

Nothing Phone 2 users will also find an “Improved OTG Compatibility” toggle within the device’s settings. This toggle comes into play when the device fails to recognize an OTG (On-The-Go) connection. It automatically disables the feature after five minutes of failed recognition, streamlining the user experience.

improve otg compatability

Screen Recording Resolution Upgrade

Another notable improvement is an increase in screen recording resolution. The update enhances the screen recording quality, delivering crisper and more detailed recordings. Users who frequently capture their screens will likely appreciate this enhancement.

Smoother Keyboard Animation and Haptic Feedback

Nothing OS 2.0.3 also brings smoother animations for the keyboard popping up in the app drawer. Users can expect more fluid transitions between screens. In addition to this, the haptic feedback also got improved a little bit to feel better touch response while using the device.

Bluetooth Connectivity Fixes and UI Adjustments

Finally, the update addresses some Bluetooth connectivity issues. Users who previously encountered problems with Bluetooth connections should find a more stable experience after updating. There also some UI adjustments made do give more better overall user interface experience.

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