Exclusive: Nothing OS 2.0 Screenshot Offers Glimpse into Phone (2) Front Design

In the lead-up to the highly anticipated release of the Nothing Phone (2) on July 11, the company’s CEO, Carl Pei, has been actively teasing the device on his Twitter account. The latest teaser from Pei includes a screenshot of the home screen from the upcoming Nothing OS 2.0, which is set to launch alongside the phone. This screenshot has unveiled crucial design details about the highly anticipated device.

Interestingly, Pei is not the first person to share a glimpse of Nothing OS 2.0. Mladen Hyoss, the software creative director at Nothing, previously revealed the screenshot during an interview with XDA. In the interview, Hyoss mentioned the team’s intention to start afresh with Nothing OS 2.0, indicating a significant overhaul.

nothing os 2.0 screenshots

Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that the screenshot shared by both Hyoss and Pei aligns perfectly. This confirmation suggests that Nothing OS 2.0 is nearing completion, thereby hinting at the readiness of the Nothing Phone (2) as well.

The key revelation from the screenshot lies in the design change of the Nothing Phone (2). Observing the placement of elements on the home screen, one can deduce that the clock is positioned in the top-left corner, while the battery, cellular information, and other icons are situated on the right side, leaving the center of the screen empty.

This configuration strongly indicates that the front-facing camera of the Nothing Phone (2) will be centrally located. Notably, the front-facing camera of the Phone (1) was positioned in the leftmost corner of the screen. Pei’s recent statement discrediting leaked renders as fake aligns with this design shift, further solidifying the validity of the revealed screenshot.

With the release date just around the corner, the Nothing Phone (2) has been generating considerable anticipation and buzz among tech enthusiasts. The intentional marketing efforts by Nothing, coupled with the teases from its CEO and software creative director, have only added to the excitement surrounding the device.

As the launch date approaches, fans and industry experts alike eagerly await further details and official announcements regarding the specifications, features, and pricing of the Nothing Phone (2). The unveiling of Nothing OS 2.0 and its unique design elements hint at a device that aims to offer a distinctive user experience.

With July 11th drawing near, all eyes are on Nothing as they prepare to enter the highly competitive smartphone market once again, armed with their innovative approach and commitment to delivering products that challenge conventions.


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