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Google has released some experimental features of its search engine in the Search Labs. A few weeks ago, Google integrated generative AI into Google Search as an experimental feature that gives you AI-generated overviews of a topic and allows you to quickly follow-up. Recently they have added a new Notes on Search feature to the Search Labs.

Notes on Search allows you to share your thoughts about a search result to help others and see others opinions about the same. This is an experimental feature that you need to turn on in the Google Search and is only available up until May 2024.

Notes on Search

To Experiment and use this feature, open Google Search tap on the flask icon in the top left corner, and then enable the toggle below Notes on Search. You can also try the feature directly by tapping on the ‘Try an example’ button.

After enabling this feature whenever you will search for anything on Google you will get two buttons under every result for that search. The first button will allow you to create a note for that search result and share opinions on it. To add your opinion click on ‘Add Note’ and then you get a canvas to create your review.

You can write your review and edit the font and colour of the text. There are also options to change the alignment and style of the text. Images can be also added to the notes using the Add Image button in the top left of the keyboard. Notes also provide you option to add stickers to your views, just tap on the three dots in the top right corner which opens a menu to select from Text, image, and stickers.

At the bottom you can see the search result for which you are adding your opinion and below it is the post button which posts your note and it will be added to the notes section of that search result.

You can check notes for any search result by simply tapping on the notes button below the search result. It will open up all the notes added by different people about the same search result. If no note is available it says you to be the first one to add the note for that particular search result.

Notes must meet the Community Guidelines and may be filtered for relevance before being added to the search result. You can check all your notes by simply going to your Google profile and managing them from there. Notes on Search is similar to reviews on products, it helps other people to easily get the best search results and opinions about a search result. This also allows people to add their creativity to express their opinions uniquely.

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