Apple no longer wants to work on Touch ID, will rather focus on Face ID

Apple has recently unveiled the latest iPhone 15 models. However, rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone 16 series to launch in 2024 have already made their way to the internet. Speculations were rife that the future iPhones might come equipped with an under-display touch ID, but a new report has surfaced, contradicting those claims.

No more Touch ID on future Apple iPhones

A blogger on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo claims that the upcoming iPhone 16 smartphone series won’t feature an under-display fingerprint scanner or say “Touch ID” in Apple’s language.


According to him, a unique 8-inch process is required for implementing a fingerprint recognition chip. Most of the devices that were initially used by Apple for fingerprint recognition have been deactivated and sealed now. Going forward, Apple doesn’t plan to use fingerprint recognition for unlocking mobile phones. The company has decided to discontinue the feature.

The iPhone SE 3 is the only model that still uses Touch ID. However, existing leaks indicate that the iPhone SE 4 will be based on the iPhone 14 and will be modified to use the Face ID unlocking solution. According to rumors, Apple is working on an under-screen fingerprint solution that will be available on the iPhone in 2026. But the latest report adds a question mark to this leak.


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