You must enable this new iOS 17 Feature: Screen Distance

Smartphones are very important in our day-to-day life. In Today’s world, everyone has their individual smartphones. Using smartphones for a long time may cause many problems. One of them is Eyes. So, with the all-new iOS 17, Apple has introduced a new Screen Distance feature in iPhones as well as iPad. This feature will help you to maintain your eyes.

Before talking about How to use this feature, we have to know how it works? If we talk about the working of this feature. So, this feature uses our iPhone or iPad Camera to determine the distance of your iPhone or iPad from your eyes. One more Question arises in our mind. Should the phone also capture our photos, videos, or our personal data? So, According to some reports, This feature won’t capture these.

How to Enable Screen Distance?

  • Open Settings
  • Then, click on Screen Time.
  • In Screen Time you will see Screen Distance.
  • Then, you have to click on Continue two times.
  • That’s it.

Follow this video tutorial to enable Screen Distance on your iPhone or on your iPad.

After enabling this feature, when you keep your iPhone as well as iPad too close to your eyes. You will see this pop-up which is shown below:

Screen Distance warning in iOS 17

Now, if you want to close this pop-up, then you just have to keep your iPhone or your iPad at least 12 inches away from your eyes. When you do this. Then, you will see a new pop-up on your screen which is shown below:

Screen Distance warning in iOS 17

To close the pop-up, you just have to click on Continue.

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