Xiaomi is Thinking About Replacing Their MIUI System with a New One Called MiOS

Xiaomi, a prominent name in the tech industry, is hinting at a significant change in its software approach. Instead of rolling out MIUI 15, the buzz is that the company might bring in a fresh operating system, tentatively named MiOS.

Is MIUI Nearing Its End?

Sources like Digital Chat Station, a well-known tipster have shared insights suggesting the end of MIUI. As per this tipster, MIUI 14 might have been the final version. Should this be true, we might witness the introduction of MiOS sooner than anticipated, possibly even this year.

Speculations are rife about whether this would just be another Android skin or if Xiaomi is actually launching a brand-new OS. The anticipated MiOS might find its way to various Xiaomi products, including smartphones, wearables, tablets, and even their exclusive electric vehicles in China.

Yet, not all sources are in alignment. XiaomiUI, another reputable source, suggests that Xiaomi is still in the MIUI 15 testing phase. This version could make its debut alongside the soon-to-launch Xiaomi 14 smartphones. So, MIUI might still be in the picture.

Even so, this doesn’t entirely rule out MiOS’s emergence. There’s a possibility that MiOS could be exclusive to Chinese users, with MIUI catering to the global audience. A similar strategy was observed with OnePlus, which previously offered HydrogenOS for its Chinese clientele and OxygenOS for the international market. Nowadays, while OnePlus provides ColorOS in China, OxygenOS remains for users outside of China.

Given the conflicting information circulating about Xiaomi’s transition from MIUI to MiOS, it’s challenging to determine the exact trajectory. Until Xiaomi releases official news, it’s wise to remain cautious about these speculations.

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