Xiaomi has launched its CyberDog 2 with these features

Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company has launched its Cyberdog 2. It is an AI/Artificial Dog Robot that is self-learning. If we talk about some of the features.

cyberdog 2 launch event

So, this Cyberdog 2 comes with Gesture interaction. Users can easily interact with this Cyberdog 2 with gestures. It also comes with Face recognition. This dog can store face data. So, that it easily identifies it later on. We can also control this dog with Voice as it comes with voice control. The CyberDog 2 is also capable to shake hand with Humans.

This Cyberdog 2 has 12 CyberGear micro-motors. This dog is also capable to make the decision as it comes with an AI decision-making system i.e. AI multi-modal fusion perception. Later on, if we talk about some other features. So, the device has Obstacle avoidance which means that this CyberDog 2 has the ability to change its position when the motor action produces a collision with an obstacle. It also has Fusion follow.


If we talk about the pricing, so Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2 comes with a price of 12,999 CNY. If we talk about this pricing in US Dollars. So, it can be 1,800 USD.

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