WhatsApp Now Locks Chats on All Devices for Better Security

WhatsApp is brining a smart new feature to make sure your private chats stay safe on every device you use. Imagine locking a chat on your phone and having it locked on your computer and tablet too. That’s what WhatsApp is doing. This new update was first seen by WABetaInfo in the WhatsApp version for Android phones called, which is being tested right now.

Before, WhatsApp let you lock chats to keep them private, and they even added a special lock with a secret password that only you know. This secret lock made sure nobody else could see your locked chats. But, there was a catch. You had to put these locks on every device by yourself.

WhatsApp Chat Lock

Now, WhatsApp is changing that. When you lock a chat on one device, it will automatically lock on all your other devices too. This makes keeping your chats private much easier and saves you time.

This new feature is coming in the next update for WhatsApp. They’re testing it in version for Android phones right now.

And there’s more good news from WhatsApp. They’re working on letting you send messages between WhatsApp and other apps like Telegram and Signal. But, this might only start in Europe.

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