WhatsApp Introduces Message Pinning and ‘View Once’ Feature for Voice Messages

Recently, WhatsApp has released a new update that brings some useful features like now you can pin messages in groups, the view once option for voice messages, and connection health for video calls.

The app version for this update is for the Android users.

1. Message pinning in group chat

Now you can pin messages in groups for all current members. The pinned message will stay on top and can be accessed anytime by tapping on it. You can also select how long your pin lasts between 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days and you can also unpin at any time manually. The pinned message also has a pin icon on it, and the group also gets a message when you pin a message.

pinned message

To pin a message follow these steps

  • Long-press on the message you want to pin and then tap on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Then select the ‘Pin’ option from the drop-down menu choose the time limit for which you want the message to be pinned and select to pin.

The message will be pinned to stay at the top of the chat all the time, and an announcement will also be added to the chat that you have pinned a message whenever you or some other member of the group pins a message.

You can only pin one message at a time and the pinned message can be unpinned by again long-pressing on the message and selecting unpin from the menu, or by tapping on the pinned message at the top and selecting unpin. You can also go to a message directly by long-pressing on pinned message and selecting ‘Go to message’.

2. View Once to voice messages

Now you can also add an option of ‘View Once’ to voice messages so that the receiver can only listen to the voice message only once. The voice message disappears from the chat after it’s opened. Also, for extra privacy, the recipient can’t share, forward, copy or save it. View Once was already added to images and videos, and now it’s also available for voice messages.

view once

To add View Once to a voice message, follow these steps

  • Tap and hold on to the mic icon on the right and then swipe up to lock the view.
  • Then record your voice message and tap on the View Once icon present above the send icon and then send the message.

Once a voice message is set to view once, it can only be listened to once by the user and can be listened to only on the phone and not on any other device for privacy.

3. Connection health for video call

Now you can check the connection’s health during a video call. Earlier, it used to only show that you had a weak connection during a video call, but now it shows your connection health via antennas that represent the connection strength. To check your connection health, just long press on your tile in the video call, and you can see the connection health status in the top right corner of your tile.

connection health

This update brings some important features like message pinning and views once for voice messages, which were missing and were present on its competition platforms. Connection health is also a nice addition. These features will roll out to everyone over the coming weeks.

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