Top Bugs in Nothing Phone (2) After Nothing OS 2.5 Android 14 Update

More than two weeks ago, Nothing released their first Android 14 open beta update for Nothing Phone (2) which was Nothing OS 2.5, As a tech enthusiast and reviewer I tested the Phone (2) running Nothing OS 2.5 Android 14 for a few days, and in our testing we found a few bugs. So let us discuss those glitches present on the Nothing Phone (2) with Nothing OS 2.5 Open Beta 1. We were able to capture them in screenshots so those have been attached below.

Notification Padding on Lockscreen

Nothing OS 2.5 Lockscreen

The padding issue on the lock screen can’t be ignored. You can easily see there is an annoying overlap of notifications with the lock screen shortcuts. It’s a noticeable design flaw affecting usability. I hope Nothing addresses it in the upcoming Nothing OS 2.5 Beta 2 Update.

Bluetooth Pairing Confusion

Nothing OS 2.5 Bluetooth

One of the more confusing issues involves Bluetooth. The screenshot clearly shows the bug, where upon activating Bluetooth, multiple devices appear with identical names. However this problem resolves itself after Bluetooth devices get connected. Phone (2) users would surely appreciate a more streamlined and error-free pairing experience.

Irregular Gaming Dashboard Icon

Nothing OS 2.5 Gaming Dash Board

Gamers should get more irritated seeing this issue on Nothing OS 2.5 Open Beta 1. There is an unusual bug related to the gaming dashboard icon. When playing in landscape mode the gaming dashboard Icon AKA pill pops up at the bottom of the screen. Although it disappears after a few seconds, it’s still an odd distraction.

Low Audio Output

Nothing OS 2.5 Low audio output

We have noticed low audio output during calls, listening to music using headphones sounds great but when listening to music or watching content the speaker audio output is a bit low. We also noticed low audio during calls when we used headphones and it’s the same story even with video calls. We used Nothing Buds and even OnePlus Buds Pro issues persist with both buds.

Dynamic Refresh Rate Inconsistency

Nothing Phone 2 Dynamic refresh rate

A much-raised feature of Nothing Phone (2) is its Dynamic refresh rate. But this feature sadly in my testing was very inconsistent. Even after keeping the display refresh rate setting to dynamic mode, which means the refresh rate should drop to 1Hz if the screen is not touched that was not happening at the minimum Hz which we noticed was 1Hz, and it was not stable at 1Hz. Every few seconds it was switching back to 120Hz and vice versa. We also highlighted this issue when the phone was released, and it still remains unaddressed.

Troublesome Pocket Mode

Nothing OS 2.5 Pocket Mode

The last one on my list is the Pocket Mode Glitch. If you are walking or driving and receive a call, the phone sometimes gets locked due to accidental touches. This leads to frustrating scenarios where the phone is locked and can’t be used for a few minutes after the wrong number gets pressed accidentally.

As Nothing Phone (2) users we look forward to seeing these bugs get fixed with upcoming updates. We don’t have any other option other than waiting for a stable Nothing OS 2.5 release hopefully we will have a better experience with that. Do you guys have any other issues on Nothing OS 2.5 Open Beta 1 let us know below.

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