Samsung rolling out One UI 6.0 Android 14 Update for these Galaxy A series devices

Samsung has already begun rolling out the One UI 6.0 update based on Android 14 for several of its Galaxy A series smartphones. The company is trying its best to update its eligible Galaxy devices with the latest software which brings lots of new features.

This year’s launched mid-range Galaxy smartphone will receive up to four OS upgrades. Samsung has a policy of providing at least two major Android updates for each Galaxy device. So, if your Galaxy device comes with Android 12, it’s guaranteed to receive the One UI 6.0 update.

List of Samsung Galaxy A devices that are now receiving the Android 14 One UI 6.0 update:

  • Galaxy A54
  • Galaxy A34
  • Galaxy A24
  • Galaxy A14
  • Galaxy A73
  • Galaxy A53
  • Galaxy A33
  • Galaxy A52s

It’s important to note that while the user interface changes will apply to all models, some features will be specific to the hardware capabilities of each device. Regardless, all Galaxy device users are expected to find the One UI 6.0 to be impressive, thanks to significant UI improvements throughout the operating system.

Here’s a summary of the key features in the Galaxy A54’s One UI 6.0 update:

These features will be available for other Galaxy A-series devices as well.

  1. Quick Panel:
    • New button layout for easier access.
    • Separate buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
    • Customizable quick settings area.
  2. Instant Access to Full Quick Panel:
    • Swipe down once for compact panel, twice for full panel.
    • Option for single swipe access.
  3. Brightness Control:
    • Direct access in the compact quick panel.
  4. Improved Album Art Display:
    • Full cover display in the notification panel.
  5. Enhanced Notifications:
    • Separate card layout for notifications.
    • Full-color icons option.
  6. Lock Screen:
    • Customizable clock position.
  7. Home Screen:
    • Simplified icon labels.
    • Two-handed drag and drop for icons and widgets.
  8. Multitasking:
    • Pop-up windows remain open on the Recents screen.
  9. Samsung Keyboard:
    • Updated emoji design.
  10. Content Sharing:
    • Picture previews in the Share panel.
  11. Weather App and Widget:
    • More detailed local weather information.
    • Enhanced illustrations and interactive map.
  12. Camera:
    • Simplified design.
    • Custom camera widgets.
    • More watermark alignment options.
    • Easy document scanning.
    • Quick resolution and video size settings.
    • Level line for photo alignment.
  13. Gallery:
    • Quick edits in detail view.
    • Two-handed drag and drop for media.
    • Save clipped images as stickers.
  14. Photo Editor:
    • Enhanced layout with new text styles.
    • Undo and redo options.
  15. Studio (Video Editor):
    • Project-based editing with a timeline layout.
  16. Video Player:
    • Improved layout and playback speed controls.
  17. Samsung Health:
    • Revamped Home screen.
    • Custom water cup sizes.
  18. Calendar:
    • New schedule view.
    • Integrated reminders.
  19. Reminder App:
    • Refined list view and new categories.
  20. Samsung Internet:
    • Background video play.
    • Two-handed bookmark and tab management.
  21. Smart Select:
    • Resize and extract text from pinned content.
  22. Bixby Text Call:
    • Switch to Bixby during a call.
  23. Modes and Routines:
    • Customizable Lock screen appearance.
  24. Finder:
    • Quick actions for apps in search results.
  25. My Files:
    • Storage space management.
    • Integrated Trash feature.
  26. Samsung Pass:
    • Passkeys for safer sign-ins.
  27. Settings:
    • Smarter Airplane mode.
    • Direct access to battery settings.
  28. Accessibility:
    • Vision enhancements and new magnification options.
  29. Digital Wellbeing:
    • Redesigned main screen and detailed weekly reports.

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