Samsung Maintains Galaxy S24 Prices, Adds New Satellite Feature

Samsung has announced that its upcoming Galaxy S24 series will retain the pricing of its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 lineup. This decision emerges from a recent report by a Korean news outlet, highlighting the tech giant’s strategy to boost sales in a recovering market.

Additionally, a separate report has confirmed an exciting new feature for the Galaxy S24 series, which will be called “Emergency texts via satellite.” This feature, which has been a topic of rumors for some time, received further credence through a leaked screenshot. The image reveals that an unnamed Galaxy S24 model will support emergency texting via a satellite connection. This functionality aligns Samsung’s offerings with the latest iPhones and select Huawei models.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Satellite feature

The emergency satellite texting feature is expected to be available across all Galaxy S24 models, irrespective of the chipset used. Samsung has designed the S24 series to meet the 3GPP standards required for satellite connections. However, it is still uncertain whether this feature will be available in all markets from the onset.

In terms of pricing, Samsung aims to maintain the same price points as last year’s models. The company believes this strategy will not only help increase sales by 10%, targeting 33 million units, but also keep them competitive by offering more features at a comparable or lower price than their rivals.

The Galaxy S24 lineup will feature different chipsets depending on the model and market. The standard and Plus models will use the Exynos 2400 chip in specific regions. In contrast, the premium Galaxy S24 Ultra will uniformly be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset across all markets.

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