Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra May Feature Titanium Frame for the First Time

Samsung is planning to use a titanium frame for the new Galaxy S24 Ultra according to a report. This rumor comes from a South Korean news source called The Elec. Samsung would be following other phone makers like Apple and Xiaomi which use titanium in their phones. Apple used it for the iPhone 15 Pro and Xiaomi for the Xiaomi 14 Pro Titanium Special Edition.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with Titanium Frame

The report tells us that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the first Samsung phone to have a titanium frame. If people like it, Samsung might be using titanium for more phones in the future. Earlier people thought that all the phones in the Galaxy S24 series would have titanium frames. But now it seems like only the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have it.

Samsung is getting ready to make 15 million titanium frames. This number is the same as the sales for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The company worked on the titanium idea for two years and they are now ready to go with it.

Switching from aluminum to titanium is not that easy because it costs about $20 now. Using titanium could make the phone cost a lot more, maybe even four to five times more.


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