Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Details Leaked: All You Need to Know

There are some new leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that suggest it might have a standout camera.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Expected Camera Specs

The main highlight is a 200-megapixel primary camera. This camera has a big 1/1.3″ sensor and each pixel is 0.6μm in size. Next, there’s a 12-megapixel camera for ultra-wide shots. This camera uses the IMX564 sensor. The sensor is 1/2.55″ big and has 1.4μm sized pixels.

For those who like zoom, there’s a 10-megapixel telephoto camera. It offers 3x optical zoom. This camera uses the IMX754+ sensor. The sensor size is 1/3.52″ and pixels are 1.12μm. Another camera is a 48-megapixel periscope telephoto camera. It gives 5x optical zoom. This camera uses the GMU sensor. The sensor size is 1/2.25″ and pixels are 0.8μm. The 5x zoom camera is expected to have an f/3.2 aperture.

The big news is the Galaxy S24 Ultra might offer 100x zoom. This is amazing because it only has 5x optical zoom. But remember, Samsung has not said this officially. So its not confirmed yet it may come true or not depending on the company.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Details

There are also some leaks about the Galaxy S25 Ultra. This phone might come out in early 2025. It is said to have 4x and 6x zoom cameras. It might not have laser autofocus. Instead, it could have a new Vizion sensor. There are two Vizion sensors – “Vizion 44” and “Vizion 55”. They are both ready. Samsung might choose “Vizion 55”. This sensor is 1/6.4-inch big. It can take 60fps depth images in real-time.

About the front camera, it might stay the same. The S23 Ultra has a 12-megapixel camera for selfies. The S24 Ultra might have the same.

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