Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Suffers Performance Drop with Stable One UI 6 Update

A few days ago, Samsung released the One UI 6 stable Android 14 update for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, the company ran a beta program for quite a long they released a total of 10 Beta builds before releasing Stable One UI 6. In our previous testing, we noticed the best performance on One UI 6 Beta 9. If you want to see the results of Beta 9 here is that post.

Stable One UI 6 Benchmark Test on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

After the stable release of One UI 6, we again ran the test on our Galaxy S23 Ultra and compared it with Beta 9, where we noticed a slight performance downgrade compared to One UI Beta 9. So we first started with the Wildlife extreme test and scores were pretty low on Beta 9. The best loop score was 12975 but on the stable build it was 3771 and the lowest loop score was 8350 on Beta 9, but on stable One UI 6, it was 2444. If we talk about performance monitoring, the frame rate ranges between 34 FPS to 99 FPS on Beta 9 but here on stable One UI 6 frame rate ranges between 11 FPS to 27 FPS.

OneUI 6 Stable Performance

After that, we also performed benchmark testing using the Geekbench application along with a CPU throttle test and here also we noticed slightly lower benchmarks compared to One UI 6 Beta 9. On OneUI 6 Beta 9, a single score was 2031 and a multi-core score was 5252. If we compare them with One UI 6 Beta 9 where scores were 2032 and multi-core scores were 5400 so stable build had lower multi-core scores.

Taking about CPU throttling on OneUI 6 Beta 9, the max CPU throttled up to 70%, but on Stable One UI 6 we noticed max CPU throttle up to 65%.

OneUI 6 Stable Benchmaks test

Do you guys also feel that the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series improved after the One UI 6.0 Stable build? Let us know below.

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