Pixel Users Report Android Auto Issues after Android 14 Update

Android Auto, the popular infotainment car accessory designed by Google is currently facing some issues. This system, known for providing important features such as navigation and voice assistance for drivers, has been encountering new problems with each update.

A rising concern is the issue experienced by users after installing Android 14 on their devices. Reports suggest that voice guidance the most important feature that is needed for navigation has not been working properly when it is active.

Notably, this problem isn’t exclusive to Google Maps. Some users have noticed similar issues with other apps like Spotify, which is mainly used for listening to music. Prior to the Android 14 update, these problems were not reported which led many to believe that the core of the issue might lie in the compatibility between Android Auto and the new Android version.

Interestingly, these glitches have been primarily highlighted by Pixel smartphone users. It remains uncertain if other Android 14 updated devices, like Samsung’s Galaxy series which recently received the Android 14-based One UI 6 beta updates are facing the same issues.

As this appears to be an underlying problem with the Android OS and Android Auto, the resolution likely lies in a software update. Users are eagerly waiting for Google to address this and look for a solution. Since the challenge seems mainly to be compatibility issues and there is no temporary fix for it.


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