OnePlus Releases OxygenOS FAQ for October 2023: Key Updates and Solutions

As October ends today, OnePlus has released a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for its OxygenOS users, aiming to address common concerns, bugs, usage guidelines, and recent updates.

OxygenOS October 2023 FAQ:

The October edition of FAQ covers a range of topics, from app functionalities to network issues and system updates. To check out questions, you can visit the dedicated post made by the OnePlus team.

OnePlus OxygenOS FAQ
Image via OnePlus Community

So here are some key points from the OxygenOS October 2023 FAQ:

  1. PDF Editing on OnePlus Pad: Users hoping to edit PDFs on the OnePlus Pad will have to wait a bit longer. Currently, the device supports only document viewing. However, OnePlus is considering introducing editing features in future updates. In the meantime, users are advised to use apps like Microsoft and WPS for PDF editing.
  2. Battery Drain Post-Update: Some users have reported faster battery drainage following software updates. OnePlus explains that this is due to background system optimizations and security scans post-update. The battery performance is expected to normalize after these processes are complete. Users facing persistent issues are advised to use the feedback toolbox to report the problem.
  3. Fingerprint Sensor Malfunction: There have been instances where the fingerprint sensor stops working. OnePlus acknowledges this malfunction and suggests users either visit a service center or contact support for assistance.
  4. 5G Connectivity on OnePlus 11R: Users in India have experienced 5G network issues after system updates on the OnePlus 11R. Currently, the company is working on this as many users have reported about this but for sure it will be fixed in future updates.
  5. System Update Process: Users can update their device’s system by navigating to “Settings > About device” and tapping on the OxygenOS banner for will check for updates and if any OTA is available it will be shown.
  6. Setting Up VoLTE HD Calls: The FAQ provides a detailed guide on enabling VoLTE HD calls, including conditions for use and the setup process. So you can checkout from that post. This involves checking phone compatibility, operator coverage, and SIM card services, along with enabling the setting in developer mode.
  7. Using TalkBack Feature: TalkBack, designed for users who find it challenging to look at the screen, offers spoken feedback for operating the device. Users can enable this feature under “Settings > Additional settings > Accessibility > Vision > TalkBack.” Certain gestures, like taking screenshots and using Split screen are disabled when TalkBack is active.

So these were all the key the points from the OxygenOS October 2023 FAQ. The company always checks user feedback so always use the feedback tools if you face any issues with your current smartphone.

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