OnePlus Open Stuns with Outstanding Battery Life in Early Reviews

OnePlus made its new debut in the foldable smartphone market with the “OnePlus Open” which has caught the attention of many, especially when it comes to battery performance. An early user known as Rexisrex shared his experience on the OnePlus community forum.

OnePlus Open Battery Life

The OnePlus Open comes with 4805 mAh battery and it has impressive battery life according to the user. Rexisrex remarked, “Two days into Open and boy oh boy…look at the battery life.” This user also provided a screenshot showcasing the device’s battery statistics. It displayed that even after using the phone for over 15 hours, 45% of the battery remained. The screen on time (SOT) was over 6 hours which is an amazing performance.

OnePlus Open Battery Life SOT

The user further mentioned this battery stats are without gaming. He only browsed on WiFi, used his camera, and watched videos on YouTube. To give more context, Rexisrex has experience using other high-end devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and S23 Ultra and still finds the OnePlus Open’s battery life to be superior.

If this is the case with OnePlus Open Battery Backup it’s a good foldable smartphone in the tech industry. So many users going to buy this foldable for themselves.


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