OnePlus Nord 2 User Faces Major Software Glitch, Forced to Format Device

In a recent incident reported by a OnePlus Nord 2 user, a major software glitch has caused significant inconvenience and data loss. The user, Thatstushar, took to the OnePlus community to share their frustrating experience, expressing discontent with the recurring minor bugs and the severity of the latest glitch.

According to Thatstushar’s account, the issues began when their screen turned entirely green while watching a video on YouTube. Although the problem eventually resolved itself, further complications arose later in the day. When attempting to refresh content within various apps, the user speculated that the unstable 5G network might be to blame and decided to restart the device.

However, the restart triggered an unexpected series of abnormalities within the OnePlus Nord 2’s software. The device switched to a white mode, fingerprint animation changed, and essential functionalities became restricted. Thatstushar encountered difficulties uninstalling apps, accessing the full notification panel, navigating to the home screen, and even powering off the device. The power button responded only to single presses, rendering a long press ineffective. Moreover, access to certain settings within the Settings app was limited.

To resolve the escalating software issues, Thatstushar resorted to restarting the device in recovery mode and ultimately chose the option to format the device. This drastic step led to the restoration of normal functionality, but it also resulted in the unfortunate loss of the user’s data.

The incident revealed several changes in the device’s behavior after the factory reset. For instance, an option for displaying images in the Always-On Display (AOD) mode, which was previously missing, reappeared. Additionally, numerous live wallpapers that were once available were now nowhere to be found.

oneplus nord 2 aod missing

Expressing dissatisfaction with the software glitches and bugs, Thatstushar voiced skepticism about their continued loyalty to the OnePlus brand. The user’s frustrations extended to the OnePlus community app itself, as they experienced difficulties attaching a video, further highlighting the ongoing issues.

OnePlus, renowned for its high-quality devices, is known to swiftly address software-related concerns. While this incident showcases a significant glitch in the OnePlus Nord 2, it is essential to recognize that such occurrences are rare and not representative of the overall user experience. It is crucial for OnePlus to acknowledge and rectify the problem promptly to maintain customer satisfaction and restore faith in the brand’s reliability.

As of now, OnePlus has not issued an official response to the specific incident reported by Thatstushar. However, users experiencing similar issues are encouraged to reach out to OnePlus support channels for assistance.

It remains to be seen how OnePlus will address this situation and restore confidence among its users, especially those who have encountered similar software glitches. The resolution and promptness of their response will likely play a significant role in determining the future course of action for affected users and potential customers.


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