OnePlus is currently working on new Headphone Recording Feature for its Earbuds

As we already know OnePlus and OPPO, both company’s earbuds are managed and customized by the Hey Melody App in both OPPO/OnePlus smartphones and non-OPPO/OnePlus Smartphones as well. Android Authority, has recently spotted new strings in Hey Melody v114.3 along with the code which is listed below:

<string name="melody_common_headset_shoot_earphone_record_hd_mode_summary">High-definition recording. Authentically reproduces surrounding sounds.</string>
<string name="melody_common_headset_shoot_earphone_record_hd_mode_title">Clear mode</string>
<string name="melody_common_headset_shoot_earphone_record_immersive_mode_summary">Multi-channel surround effect. Provides a rich and immersive audio experience.</string>
<string name="melody_common_headset_shoot_earphone_record_immersive_mode_title">Immersive mode</string>
<string name="melody_common_headset_shoot_earphone_record_summary">Record sounds with the microphones in your headphones while shooting a video.</string>
<string name="melody_common_headset_shoot_earphone_record_title">Headphone recording</string>
<string name="melody_common_headset_shoot_record">Recording</string>

These new strings suggested that OnePlus is working on a new feature called Headphone Recording. With this new Headphone Recording feature, you can record sounds with the microphones in your earbuds (both OPPO and OnePlus) during video recording. This feature will let you use Bluetooth (and, by extension, Bluetooth earbuds) as an audio recording source when recording video in Pro mode.

Android Authority mentioned in their post that an APK teardown helps them as well to predict this.

An APK teardown helps predict features that may arrive on a service in the future based on work-in-progress code. However, it is possible that such predicted features may not make it to a public release.

This will probably bypass your smartphone’s microphone which is generally used when recording a video. Until now, while writing this post, this Headphone Recording feature is still in development. Also, the launch date is still not confirmed but this sounds something interesting.

Probably, this feature will only work with OPPO and OnePlus Smartphones. What are your thoughts regarding this? Do let us know in the comment box. Also, tell us whether you like this post or not.


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