OnePlus Disappoints with Lackluster Android 14 Beta 2 Release

OnePlus recently unveiled the Android 14 Beta 2 for its OnePlus 11 devices. However, this latest release leaves much to be desired. In an attempt to keep up with Android’s latest advancements, OnePlus falls short, providing a subpar experience. This review will delve into the details of the software build, highlighting its downgrades and the frustrations it brings to OnePlus users.

Software Information and Build Analysis

The Android 14 Beta 2 build, as observed on the OnePlus 11, is a disappointing regression from the previous beta version. Although the software information still labels it as OxygenOS 13, the version number indicates, consistent with the beta 1 build. One glaring issue is the outdated May 2023 security patch, indicating a failure to incorporate essential updates. Considering OnePlus has already released a June update, it is perplexing why they would offer a build based on outdated firmware.

Downgraded Features and User Experience

The first noticeable downgrade is the replacement of the Google Music tile on the lock screen with the stock OnePlus music tile, a change that may not be welcomed by users. Additionally, the charging animations resemble those found on Pixel phones, indicating a lack of originality. However, it is worth mentioning that this may be rectified in subsequent updates, with OnePlus restoring its Oxygen OS charging animation.

A significant flaw in this build is the inability to make outgoing calls, despite incoming calls being received without issues. This critical issue renders the build unusable for its primary purpose, and OnePlus’s decision to release a build with such a fundamental flaw is puzzling. This flaw persists even after testing with different SIM cards in multiple slots, leading to the conclusion that the calling feature is completely broken.

Transparency and Aesthetics

Transparency, which provided a premium feel to the notification panel and quick setting tiles, is noticeably absent in this build. The once transparent background for the notification panel has been replaced, eliminating the visual appeal previously associated with Oxygen OS. Furthermore, the camera application lacks the exclusive Hasselblad watermark present in the June update for OnePlus 11 and other devices with Hasselblad branding. No noteworthy improvements or additions are found in the wallpaper and style section, maintaining a sense of stagnation.

Notable Fixes and Limited Features

While OnePlus has addressed some minor issues in this build, such as the flashing red screen during calendar event creation and LAN malfunctioning, the lack of progress in resolving more critical bugs, including the calling issue, is disheartening. Users should not have to compromise on basic functionality for the sake of testing a beta build. It is essential for OnePlus to prioritize fixing such essential features before adding new elements.


In conclusion, the Android 14 Beta 2 build for OnePlus 11 falls short of expectations. With downgraded features, the frustrating inability to make outgoing calls, and an absence of notable improvements, this build offers little innovation or added value to users. While OnePlus may aspire to stay at the forefront of Android releases, this particular build demonstrates a lack of thoroughness and fails to deliver on its promises. Users are advised to avoid installing this build on their primary devices, as it lacks the stability and functionality required for everyday use. OnePlus must prioritize rectifying these significant flaws and focus on providing a more refined and innovative user experience in future updates.

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