OnePlus 8 Pro User Complain About Battery Drain After OxygenOS 13.1 Update

OnePlus 8 Pro users are reporting significant battery drain issues following the release of the OxygenOS 13.1 update. One community member, Avnish Mitra, took to the OnePlus forum to express his disappointment and frustration with the latest software update.

OnePlus 8 Pro Battery Drain Concern

Mitra’s post highlighted several concerns, including the sudden decline in battery performance and the removal of certain beloved features that were present in previous versions of OxygenOS. He specifically mentioned the removal of the Android 11 calling interface, which he described as “awesome,” as well as the elimination of the ascending incoming call on/off option.

In his statement, Mitra expressed his dissatisfaction with OnePlus, questioning the motivations behind the changes and suggesting that users may consider switching to other smartphone brands. “What do you want actually? You want we accept what you give every time. This won’t happen. There are many options. We can buy another one,” he stated.

The OnePlus 8 Pro, known for its flagship specifications and impressive battery life, has garnered positive reviews since its release. However, the recent OxygenOS 13.1 update seems to have disrupted the device’s battery performance for some users.

OnePlus has built a reputation for actively engaging with its community and promptly addressing issues. However, the company has yet to officially respond to Mitra’s complaints or provide any information regarding a potential fix for the battery drain problem.

While it is not uncommon for software updates to encounter unforeseen bugs and glitches, the impact on battery life can be particularly frustrating for users who rely on their smartphones throughout the day. OnePlus 8 Pro owners are anxiously awaiting an official statement from the company acknowledging the issue and providing a solution.

As OnePlus continues to expand its user base and strives to maintain customer loyalty, it is crucial for the company to address these concerns swiftly. Users’ satisfaction and trust are paramount in an increasingly competitive smartphone market.

Affected OnePlus 8 Pro owners are encouraged to share their experiences and feedback on the OnePlus forum, as community feedback often plays a significant role in driving prompt resolutions to software-related issues.

OnePlus has a history of releasing software updates to address user complaints and improve overall performance. It remains to be seen whether the company will take prompt action to rectify the battery drain issue and restore the missing features that users have come to appreciate.


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