OnePlus 12 Camera Samples Suggest New Era for OnePlus Photography

OnePlus is ready to launch its new flagship “OnePlus 12” to the market with camera upgrades that could perform better than previous models. The company is trying to improve its camera for their smartphones as we have seen previously with the OnePlus Open and we could see that in the OnePlus 12.

Sony Lytia dual-layer Sensor in OnePlus 12 Shows Off in Samples

The OnePlus 12 flagship will have Sony’s new Lytia dual-layer sensor for better photos. OnePlus has confirmed this and released sample pictures that show the phone can handle different light conditions well. The president of OnePlus in China, Li Jie Louis posted these photo samples online. They show clear images with good detail, even in dark areas.

Comparison with Xiaomi 14 Pro

Li Jie Louis didn’t stop at just showing off the OnePlus 12’s camera. He also put it up against the Xiaomi 14 Pro by sharing three picture sets from both phones without saying which was which. The photos are close in quality, but the right-side photo seems more better. Since Li Jie Louis from OnePlus shared these, it suggests those might be the OnePlus 12’s photos.

The OnePlus 12 is making promises of better camera quality with its latest tech. The phone’s ability to take good photos in challenging lighting is just a preview of its capabilities. With the official launch ahead, the OnePlus 12 camera will soon be out for users to try themselves.


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