OnePlus 11 Users Encounter Custom Ringtone Issues with ODialer

OnePlus community member KiranGovind recently raised concerns about the functionality of custom ringtones for specific contacts when using ODialer on their OnePlus 11 device. According to KiranGovind, after switching from Google Dialer to ODialer (version 13.1.8_59726c8_230404) or the OnePlus Stock Dialer (version 13.10.0_bb98636_230421), the custom ringtone feature failed to work as expected.

Upon setting a custom ringtone for a particular contact, the initial contact page displayed the designated ringtone correctly. However, when receiving calls from the specific contact, the default ringtone played instead. Additionally, when attempting to access the custom ringtone through the contact edit page, it appeared as the default ringtone.

OnePlus community member Tonexbot responded to KiranGovind’s post, suggesting that ODialer is an app developed by Oppo, which might explain the presence of numerous bugs. Tonexbot’s comment implies that the integration of ODialer with OnePlus devices may not be seamless due to compatibility issues.

KiranGovind sought clarification from Tonexbot, questioning the similarity between ColorOS and OxygenOS, which are the respective operating systems used by Oppo and OnePlus devices. This exchange indicates a desire to understand the relationship between the two systems and their potential impact on the custom ringtone issue.

Another community member, Aaron2017, responded to the discussion, stating that ODialer encounters multiple bugs when used on OnePlus phones, suggesting that the app may not be optimized for these devices. Conversely, Aaron2017 mentioned that ODialer functions adequately on Oppo phones.

In response to Aaron2017’s comment, KiranGovind sought suggestions for resolving the problem. KiranGovind specifically inquired about the possibility of setting custom ringtones for specific contacts using either the stock OnePlus dialer or ODialer, having already tried both without success. KiranGovind welcomed any leads or recommendations from the community.

The issue of custom ringtone functionality with ODialer on OnePlus 11 devices highlights a potential compatibility concern between the app and the OnePlus ecosystem. OnePlus community members are eagerly seeking assistance and solutions to enable custom ringtone settings for their contacts.


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