OnePlus 11 Users Report Ongoing Issues Despite OxygenOS 13.1 Update

OnePlus 11 users have voiced their concerns regarding persistent issues plaguing their devices even after the recent OxygenOS 13.1 update. A community member, Jonathan8995, shared his experience highlighting major problems that continue to impact the device’s performance.

User Faces Connectivity Issues After OxygenOS 13.1 Update on OnePlus 11

One of the most prevalent issues reported by users is the deteriorating Wi-Fi connectivity. Jonathan8995 expressed frustration over the worsened Wi-Fi performance, even when in close proximity to a reliable network. He revealed having to disable and re-enable the Wi-Fi on his OnePlus 11 approximately 8 to 12 times a day to restore internet connectivity. Despite being connected to the network and displaying a full signal, the device frequently loses internet connection. This problem has persisted since he first acquired the phone, making it a persistent concern for users.

Another significant issue users have encountered relates to animations. Even after disabling all animations, users have observed instances where animations inexplicably re-enable themselves. Some users reported experiencing this issue multiple times a day, while others encountered it less frequently. To temporarily resolve the problem, users are forced to disable and re-enable the animation settings, though the duration of effectiveness remains uncertain. Additionally, when animations are disabled and functional, users have noted a delay in being able to interact with on-screen elements until the expected animation duration has passed. This discrepancy raises concerns about the consistency of the user experience across OnePlus 11 devices.

Despite receiving subsequent updates, users have reported no noticeable improvements or resolutions to these issues. Jonathan8995 mentioned that his OnePlus 11 is currently running on OxygenOS 13.1, indicating that the issues persist even after this latest update.

The Wi-Fi connectivity problem, in particular, raises questions about the extent of its impact on OnePlus 11 users. Jonathan8995 has requested feedback from other OnePlus 11 users, specifically those not using the OnePlus 11R variant, to ascertain whether they are also experiencing this issue. This collective data would help determine the scale and severity of the problem.

As OnePlus users eagerly await a solution to these persistent issues, it remains to be seen when OnePlus will address these concerns and release an update to rectify the reported problems. A resolution would not only improve the overall user experience but also reinforce OnePlus’ commitment to providing reliable and optimized software updates for its devices.

OnePlus has not yet responded to the specific concerns raised by users, but with the growing number of complaints, it is hoped that the company will prioritize investigating and addressing these issues in a timely manner.

As OnePlus 11 owners continue to navigate these challenges, they eagerly anticipate a future update that will effectively resolve these persistent problems and restore their faith in OnePlus’ commitment to delivering top-notch performance and user satisfaction.


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