Nothing Phone (2) gets ‘Most Improved Smartphone of the year’ Award

Recently, MKBHD (Marques Brownlee), a famous tech content creator did his smartphone Awards video on his YouTube Channel. He has been doing these types of videos for years now where he gives awards to some of the best smartphones launched in that year in different categories.

Most Improved smartphone award

In his smartphone awards 2023, MKBHD had several awards like the ‘Best camera smartphone’, ‘Best compact smartphone’, ‘Best Foldable phone’ and many more but the Nothing Phone (2) won the award for the ‘Most Improved’ smartphone of the year 2023 with iPhone 15 as an honorable mention in the category.

MKBHD justifies Nothing Phone (2) as the winner by saying that many brands play the game safe by giving slight evolution to the smartphone from last year with slightly better specifications. He explains how Nothing Phone (2) has improved over its last generation the Phone (1) in both the hardware and the software aspects while also mentioning that Nothing did not make a lot of changes to design and hardware as they are a fairly new brand and try to build an identity.

Nothing Phone (1) and Phone (2)

But they still made the design more refined with a higher resolution LED Back, slightly curved glass for a better in-hand feel. The major upgrade was by moving to Nothing OS 2.0 and now 2.5 which is on Android 14 and brings a lot of new and interesting features, customisation, and widgets while still being smooth, fast, and clean. They have focused on efficiency and the smoothness of the OS while still adding new features time to time.

Nothing OS 2.0

Lastly, MKBHD also said that usually, he suggests people buy the last year’s phone of a brand and save some money as not many changes are there over the older generation but in case of Nothing, he suggests going to Phone (2) over Phone (1) as it is a more improved and polished smartphone.

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