Nothing Phone 1 Receives Android 14 Beta 3 – What’s New and What’s Missing

Welcome back to another exciting update, where we’ll be discussing the latest release of Android 14 Beta 3 for the Nothing Phone 1. Nothing has been diligently working on refining its operating system, and this latest update brings a mix of new features and some missing elements from its flagship model, the Nothing Phone 2. In this article, we will delve into the changes you can expect to see on the Nothing Phone 1 after installing the Android 14 Beta 3 update.

Installation Process and Warnings

Before diving into the features and changes, it’s essential to note that the Android 14 Beta 3 is still in the beta phase. As such, it is not recommended for everyday users due to potential bugs and limitations. To install the update, you can download the zip file and create an OTA folder in the internal storage. Dialing *#*#682#*#* will open the Nothing Offline OTA update section, where you can select the downloaded file and begin the installation, which typically takes around 15 to 20 minutes. Remember to take a backup of your data as the installation process wipes all user data.

New Features in Android 14 Beta 3

  1. Updated Boot Animation: The Android 14 Beta 3 brings a refreshed boot animation, offering a glimpse of Nothing OS 2.2, a highly anticipated update for Nothing Phone 1 users.
  2. Nothing Weather Application: The new update introduces the Nothing Weather app, providing users with a dedicated weather application for accurate forecasts and weather-related information.
  3. Nothing Recorder Application: Another addition is the Nothing Recorder app, enabling users to record audio and voice memos conveniently.
  4. Nothing Launcher 2.5: The Nothing Phone 1 receives an upgraded version of the Nothing Launcher, now running on version 2.5. The launcher comes with enhanced functionality and features compared to version 2.1.2 found on Nothing Phone 2.
  5. Home Screen Customization: The Nothing Launcher on Android 14 Beta 3 supports Nothing widgets, giving users more flexibility in customizing their home screens with a variety of widgets.

Missing Features and Known Issues

While the Android 14 Beta 3 update brings exciting additions, it is essential to note some features that are still missing and known issues that may affect the user experience.

  1. AOSP Camera: The update replaces the Nothing OS stock camera with an AOSP camera, which lacks features like portrait mode and slow-motion recording.
  2. Fingerprint and Face Unlock: As of now, the fingerprint and face unlock features are not working, but it’s expected to come in the stable release of Android 14.
  3. Glyph Interface and Lighting Feature: The unique glyph interface and glyph lighting feature, which are the core identity of Nothing Phones, are not yet available in Android 14 Beta 3.
  4. Limited Icon Pack Support: While Nothing Phone 1 supports the Nothing icon pack, not all applications may be compatible with it as seen in Nothing Phone 2.
  5. Casting Not Supported: The casting feature is currently unavailable in Android 14 Beta 3.


The Android 14 Beta 3 update for Nothing Phone 1 brings exciting new features, such as the Nothing Weather app and the upgraded Nothing Launcher. However, some features unique to Nothing OS, like the glyph interface and glyph lighting, are yet to be introduced in this update. With this beta phase, Nothing aims to gather feedback from users and address known issues before the stable release. As such, it’s recommended for enthusiasts and developers explore this update while keeping in mind its limitations. We eagerly await the official release of Nothing OS 2.0, which promises a complete experience for Nothing Phone 1 users.

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