Nothing OS 2.5.6 Update Released for Phone (2) with Hide Navigation Bar, June 2024 Security Patch

Nothing company released a Nothing OS 2.5.6 OTA update for Nothing Phone (2) users. This update will bring up new features, improvements, and bug fixes that will improve the user experience along with the device’s security.

You can identify this update by its build number Pong-U2.5-240606-1801-IND and the update size is 116 MB. The installation time for this update is approximately 10 minutes.

Nothing OS 2.5.6 Changelog for Nothing Phone (2)

Nothing OS 2.5.6 Update for Nothing Phone (2)

In this update, Nothing Phone (2) users will get the feature to hide or show the navigation bar. This option can be found in Settings > Guestures > Navigation mode > Tap on Gesture navigation and then on gear icon > To hide the navigation bar, simply enable the toggle. Additionally, there is a new setting for enabling or disabling the QuickSetting swipe-down page on the lock screen, which can be accessed through Settings > Lock Screen > Quick Settings.

Hide Navigation Bar in Phone 2
Hide Navigation Bar Option after update
Hide Quick Settings Panel in Nothing Phone 2
Disable Quick Settings Panel Option in Lockscreen

Now you will get more options for customizing icons within the status bar which can be found in Settings > Display > Status bar. After this, the company also mentioned the June 2024 Android security patch for the Nothing Phone (2).

It also brings some new animations for the Quick Settings Widget which now have smoother and better visual transitions. Compatibility optimizations with certain carrier networks promise improved connectivity, ensuring users experience fewer interruptions. Additionally, the update brings an enhanced UI for displaying carrier names, making it easier and more intuitive for users to identify their network status.

This update also did some bug fixes which were present in Nothing Phone (2). Issues with cloned apps being unable to use a VPN network have been resolved. The integration of ChatGPT has been refined, offering better reliability and smoother interactions. Fixes have also been applied to address the occasional absence of lock screen widgets and the lack of vibration feedback for the back gesture, improving the tactile response and accessibility of the device. Lastly, the overall stability of the system has been optimized, leading to a more stable and reliable performance across various functionalities.


New features

  • New option in Settings to hide/show navigation bar.
  • Added a custom option for enabling/disabling the QuickSetting swipe-down page on the lock screen interface. Accessed via Settings > Lock Screen > Quick Settings.
  • New options for customising icons within the status bar. Accessed via Settings > Display > Status bar.
  • Integrated Google June Security Patch.


  • New Quick Settings Widget animations for enhanced engagement.
  • Optimised compatibility with some carrier networks.
  • Enhanced UI of carrier names.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where cloned apps were unable to use a VPN network.
  • Refined ChatGPT integration.
  • Fixed issue where lock screen widgets didn’t display in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where back gesture sometimes lacked vibration feedback.
  • Optimised the overall stability of the system.

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