Nothing OS 2.5.1 Closed Beta 1 Hotfix Update Rolls Out for Nothing Phone (1)

Last week, Nothing released the first closed beta of Nothing OS 2.5 for Phone (1) for selected users, and some testers leaked screenshots and files of it. Now the company has released another update, which seems like a hotfix update to the current version.

This is an incremental update that comes with a size of 44.44 MB. The update comes with improvements and bug fixes for the device.

We can’t say this is a closed beta 2 update for Nothing Phone (1), the version number remains the same as before “Nothing OS 2.5.1 BETA1.” The company will be releasing another update next week. After that, we can expect any open beta update for the public.

Nothing OS 2.5.1 Closed beta 1 hotfix
Nothing OS 2.5.1 Closed beta 1 hotfix

Nothing OS 2.5.1 Hotfix Update for Phone (1)


A standout feature of this update is the optimized battery usage curve. This optimization is expected to extend the battery life, allowing users to enjoy their devices for longer periods without frequent charging.

Another significant improvement addresses the excessive battery drain issue that some users were experiencing. Thanks to extensive logs provided by users, Nothing has been able to pinpoint and rectify this problem, thereby improving the overall battery performance.

Bug Fixes

The update also includes crucial bug fixes. It has resolved specific network connectivity issues, ensuring smoother and more reliable access to network services. In addition, the functionality with network operators has been enhanced, likely to result in better call quality and data connectivity.

Importantly, the update has fixed several security and privacy-related issues. While the exact details of these fixes were not disclosed, they are crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of user data.



  • Optimized battery usage curve for enhanced efficiency.
  • Addressed excessive battery drain, thanks to user-provided extensive logs.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved specific network connectivity issues.
  • Enhanced network operator functionality.
  • Fixed security and privacy-related issues.

Download Nothing OS 2.5.1 Closed Beta 1 Hotfix Update

This is the second update that is rolling out for selected Phone (1) users who are in the CBT program. Also, you should know that this file was leaked by a CBT tester.

  • Nothing OS 2.5.1 BETA1 (Hotfix incremental Update): Download Now

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