Nothing Ear (2) Black Edition Review: Features, Sound Quality, and More

The Nothing Ear (2) Black Edition has recently hit the market, offering an alternative color option to its White Edition counterpart. In this review article, we will explore the features, design, performance, and overall user experience of the Nothing Ear (2) Black Edition.

Design and Features:

The Black Edition retains the same transparent aesthetic as the White Edition, with both the earbuds and the case adopting a sleek black color. The earbuds and case maintain a matte finish, exuding a sophisticated appeal. Notably, the case features a protective cover on the top portion to guard against scratches. However, similar to the White Edition, the case itself remains susceptible to scratches. The Black Edition comes equipped with LED lights, a USB Type-C port, a pairing button, and pinch controls for easy usage. Additionally, these earbuds offer splash and dust resistance, making them suitable for various environments.

Packaging and Contents:

Purchasing the Black Edition, you will find the earbuds, the black case, several ear tips, and a braided cable in the box. It’s worth noting that while most components match the black color scheme, the cable oddly remains white. The package also includes essential documents like a safety manual and user guide. To access the Nothing X application, there is a barcode that can be scanned for convenient download.

Specifications and Performance:

The Black Edition shares the same specifications as its White Edition counterpart. With up to 40 dB of active noise cancellation, these earbuds effectively reduce external noise. They feature 11.6 mm custom drivers, delivering powerful and clear sound. Each earbud incorporates three microphones and offers pinch control functionality. Pairing the earbuds with Android phones and PCs is seamless, thanks to Google’s fast pair support. Additionally, the earbuds can be connected simultaneously to different devices. Users praise the comfortable fit of the silicone tips, which resemble the OnePlus Buds 2 Pro. The Bluetooth range is reliable, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Gaming Experience:

While the Black Edition does not offer a dedicated gaming mode, it features a low-lag mode that minimizes latency for an improved gaming experience. However, some users note that while the bass is robust, subtle details like individual footsteps in games such as Battlegrounds Mobile India may not be as distinct. Nonetheless, overall gaming performance is satisfactory, devoid of significant delays or latency issues.

Battery Life and Sound Quality:

With ANC enabled, the earbuds provide approximately four to five hours of usage. Users report using them continuously for gaming sessions lasting four to five hours, with the battery percentage typically below 15% at the end. The sound quality of the Black Edition matches that of the White Edition, delivering noticeable improvements compared to the previous generation Ear (1). The bass is well balanced and the treble tones are improved which sounds pleasant. While the higher volume levels exhibit a slight increase in sound leakage, there is no distortion present.

App Features:

The accompanying Nothing X application allows users to customize their earbuds’ actions, such as double pinches and triple pinches. The application also provides options to personalize ANC settings, automatically adjusting to environmental conditions. Notably, the Black Edition introduces an advanced equalizer feature, offering an eight-band graphical interface for precise sound adjustments. Users can modify frequencies, Q factors, and import or share presets with others—an excellent addition to enhance the overall listening experience.


The Nothing Ear (2) Black Edition impresses with its sleek design, reliable performance, and improved sound quality. The transparent aesthetics, coupled with the black color scheme, create a visually appealing product. With splash and dust resistance, comfortable fit, and user-friendly app features, these earbuds cater to the needs of modern consumers. Though lacking a dedicated gaming mode, the low-lag mode provides a satisfactory gaming experience. Overall, the Black Edition proves to be a worthy addition to Nothing’s lineup of earbuds.

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