Netflix Plans to Open their Own Stores by 2025

The most popular entertainment company Netflix, which is known for streaming shows on the web and mobile apps. They are now planning to open a physical store called “Netflix House” in the United States by 2025.

In these stores, you can buy food from popular Netflix shows. Suppose you watch a series where an actor is eating a dish and you like it, so you can have that particular dish in the store. You can also get exclusive merchandise, mini theme parks to experience and more.

Netflix also started sending DVDs in the mail. This new idea feels a little bit like the old days. But this store will have more than just buying. There will be fun activities as well for example if you like the Squid Games, you can try them in real-life games from the show.

Josh Simon from Netflix said they want to make fans happy. He said they want to do more than just streaming shows. The stores will also have art from Netflix shows and live events.

In the past, Netflix had events for shows like “Stranger Things”. But “Netflix House” is a bigger plan. They hope it will change how fans enjoy shows. It will be a real place where fans can go. This is a new idea from Netflix to keep fans excited.

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